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Friday, December 28, 2012

Successful Development Comes From The Heart

I've been reading all the domain blogs who are offering up a "state of the union" analysis and forecast based on 2012 results.

A common complaint is that development is overwhelming with too many domains, and even when you focus on a few, and invest in content to make them Google credible, there's no money in, just more money out.

If you’re going to build a business at all, anchor it around a customer value that is 1) important to the customer, 2) objectively different from all alternatives, and 3) cannot be easily provided by a competitor.

Only someone who understands and is passionate about that business can figure out how to do that.

Examples I can cite you know of are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and yes

The best thing you can do to improve your outlook for 2013 is to spend some time thinking about each of those examples and the many things they have in common. You will see that most don't have many employees and have a singular focus. The couple that sell merchandise source and distribute it on a drop ship model. Most of the others are totally digital businesses where the customer self-serves themselves. They all do something no one else was doing. But above all they build long term relationships with customers and databases that they can remarket to. Many can and will be acquired.

So if you want to cash in on the Internet, and never have to slave for the man, forget about domains and find a problem that you can solve no one else is addressing. It's all easier said than done, yet I made a business of this blog using just my own two hands and a free tool. I started starring at a blank page and now 9000 pages later I never looked back.

Next year at this time what's going to be your story?

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