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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whether BlackFriday (.com) or (.) BlackFriday, Big Bucks Await

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Just as an example of the potential revenue opportunity Time reports that throughout the 2012 holiday season, Walmart is running a staggering two billion ads on Facebook. Some 50 million Walmart ads popped up on Black Friday weekend alone, when the world’s largest retailer shut out the competition and bought up all the Facebook ad space available in advance. 

A recent Wall Street Journal piece shed light on how the biggest-ever, specially-designed mobile ad campaign on Facebook took place over Black Friday weekend, when Walmart monopolized the social-media site with a whopping 50 million ads during a 72-hour period. The campaign was in the works for months prior to launch and went live during what is arguably the year’s most popular and frenzied shopping weekend.

Given the comprehensiveness of the campaign, you’d think there was some proof that blanketing Facebook with ads yields stronger sales, right?

Interestingly enough, no, there’s not much proof out there that this is the case.

And there lies the opportunity for a publisher who can deliver sales measured to the bottom line.

Uniregistry is ready to cash in on the opportunity with .blackfriday one of the new gTLDs we've been hearing so much about. According to their site: 
".blackfriday will become the recognized label for websites with worthwhile deals and specials on this renowned shopping day. Internet users and retailers will benefit from an online hub for Black Friday information, ads, and deals. It will open up opportunities for creative marketing and unique shopping experiences that will make this day even more legendary. 
Businesses that set up shop on the .blackfriday domain will capture the attention of shoppers and get more out of the day. When every shopping moment counts, consumers will jump at this opportunity to quickly identify the worthy online shopping destinations on Black Friday. 
As brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers look for new ways to showcase themselves online, .blackfriday will become an important part of their marketing toolkit to fully capitalize on this opportunity that only comes once a year."

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