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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Berkens, Schaffer, Kauffman and DreamWiz Jumpstart DNS 2013 Sales; View Exclusive New End User Activations

Congratulations To Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales On First Sales Of The New Year:  (Frank personal sale except where noted)

Bizy.Com At $40,500.
BondTech.Com $5,000
Bulkid.Com (Schaffer)
Casadelcafe.Com $3,900
Catalyzed.Com $3-5K
DailyHit $8,000
DeskTopThemes.Com $3,500
Eljefe.Com (Kauffman) (Schaffer)
LondonNightOut.Com $3,500
LoveAddict.Com  $5-10k (Berkens)
NetworkServiceProvider.Net (Schaffer)
Ngames.Com $50,000
NoteTrader.Com $2,000.
Ovace.Com- $5-10k
RaspberryKetones.Com (Kauffman)
Rollbar.Com- $10-20k
TaxiBooking.Com $5,000
TEMT.Com At $45,000
Trinys.Com $3,500 $3,500
UsaManagement.Com- $3,500
Wellton.Com- $5-10K (Dreamwiz)
WSPN.Com $9500

And check out these brand new end user activations of names purchased from DNS last year. Most you would never guess the name would be used for. And that's the teaching moment Frank blesses us with by sharing these results, which can make out results stronger.

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