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Thursday, January 17, 2013

DRUM ROLL: The Reason Facebook Can't Replace A Domain Name Is...

The things you learn when you blog about Facebook campaigns.

You may remember we applauded AFLAC for their new Send A Card to the Duck campaign, but scolded them for redirecting call-to-action to a Facebook page.

Then we told shared how our post about their campaign became #1 organic for Get Well Duck feeding us insane amounts of traffic whenever the spot ran.

But yesterday was the payoff in all my years of blogging. A call left on my office voice mail 
Hello Owen, is this the agency that came up with the Get Well Duck campaign? Well l'd like to send a card to the duck and have been trying, but how do you do that when you don't have a Facebook account?  Everyone at your "forward thinking, innovative agency" (words from my masthead) is probably cool and has Facebook but we worry about privacy and out bosses at work reading our correspondence." 

Good point!


So here for all other bloggers who questioned the wisdom of putting Facebook first like is no longer a standalone web site. Frito-Lay has simply forwarded it to its Facebook page.

As Andrew Allemannn writes on Domain Wire: "I’m not a fan of companies turning over their web presences to Facebook. Or even advertising their Facebook page in a commercial instead of their own domain name. Doing so puts you at the whim of Facebook and its frequent changes to terms of service."

Neither are we, Andrew and now the world has positive proof why!

And so it goes on all day like this, for the last three days!

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