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Monday, January 14, 2013

Frank Schilling To Future Trend Domainers: This is How YOU DO It!

Looks pretty Zero Dark Thirty to me
While all the so called "future trend" domainers were asleep at the switch or hanging out on this thread with the misfits and psychopaths who haven't notice their future trends came and went a decade ago,  (or mostly didn't come at all and never will), Frank Schilling was busy following current events (you know the life you get when you read something besides on C-SPAN or  maybe attending Zero Dark Thirty screenings where the object was shown for the first time to the public, he got busy hand-registering this bevy of future six-figure scores.

From DIY Drones Forum:
Following Photoship One's "Deca-Copter" and the underlying assumption that adding more rotors can decrease the power requirements per motor/esc, while increasing redundancy (motor loss during flight), also allowing a lighter frame design, comes the big "What If" question:
Can Arducopter do it too? perhaps with APM 2?
Some links for the kickoff:
DECACOPTER out their 4+6 drive solution...)
DODECACOPTER is real aggressive one...)
and last but not least, e-Volo's
HEXADECACOPTER Xmas/Hanuka y'all!

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