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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Frank Schilling's 50K LLLL Sale Lands At J. P. Morgan

What's a domain name worth if it can redirect to the more confusing url home to the blog of the multi-billion JP Morgan Markets (and serve as abbreviation to fit on mobile app and twitter square icon spaces). And that's exactly where Frank Schilling's $50K sale of, reported by us on August 11th, landed. Another simple lesson in domain name value.

btw, to tie this to the 8/11 story further, J.P. Morgan also has an app called DataQuery and Lonnie Borck mentioned below owns which is for sale on Frank's DNS platform! See other JPM apps for domain prospecting clues here.

Hat tip to Merlin Kauffman for alerting us to the story from an original post that also reported big news about him.

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