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Saturday, January 19, 2013

From Zero to Zillionaires: Young Gregory Brothers Amass Over A Half Billion Views

Gregory Brothers in Brooklyn Studio Photo: NYTimes
Just like in our story yesterday about the anonymous YouTuber with 10 million views a week, earning $830K in ad rev shares a month with no domain name, development or hosting/bandwidth fees required.....

Here's an even bigger success story of four brothers with 1/5 million subscribers and a half billion views.

YouTube’s most lucrative use:  helping talented nobodies to be discovered by the right people and become talented somebodies. Those “right” people are casting directors, talent agencies, and others like the Gregory Brothers who select various clips and auto tune them.

YouTube’s market is forever expanding. Times have changed, and with the internet beneath your fingertips, there is nearly nothing standing in your way to get your message across, or if you’re smart and talented or extremely creative, to find rapid fame.

The Gregory Brothers (using the YouTube username 'schmoyoho') have achieved extraordinary fame through their viral YouTube videos in which people who are talking are made to appear to sing. They became well known for a series of YouTube videos, Auto-Tune the News, in which recorded voices of politicians, news anchors, and political pundits were digitally manipulated to conform to a melody, making the figures appear to sing.

National television networks featured the Gregory Brothers' early political satires as early as the spring of 2009, but the group did not achieve mainstream recognition until the summer of 2010, when they released episode 12b of Auto-Tune the News, titled "Bed Intruder Song". "Bed Intruder Song," which featured excerpts from an interview with alleged crime victims Kelly Dodson and her brother Antoine Dodson, was viewed approximately 50 million times during its first six months online, making it the most-viewed YouTube video of 2010 (excluding major label music videos),[18] and currently has more than 100 million views.[19] Being largely non-political in content, it marked a departure from the Gregory Brothers' roots in political material.

How did they do it? David Pogue visited their Brooklyn studio to uncover what goes into the creation of one of these wildly imaginative and popular videos.

The Gregory Brothers are a American musical group that characterise their music as "Country & Soul, Folk & Roll". The members are Michael Gregory on drums and vocals, Andrew Rose Gregory on guitar and vocals, Evan Gregory on keys and vocals, and Sarah Fullen Gregory (Evan's wife) on bass and vocals. They are most famous for their creation of musical viral videos, most notably the Auto-Tune the News series, which includes the "Bed Intruder Song". The three brothers, originally from Radford, Virginia, moved to Brooklyn, New York in the mid-2000s and met Sarah in the local music scene. The four formed a band in 2007.

Following the mainstream success of that music video, the Gregory Brothers have generally produced a mixture of both political and non-political videos. The Auto-Tune the News series has continued to focus primarily on political material, while many of the non-political videos have been given the new branding Songify This.


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