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Monday, January 07, 2013

Gods Power (.com): Acquire a Genuine Merlin Kauffman "Pre-Owned" Domain

Merlin Kauffman (owner of named
Domaining's Most Fascinating Person 2011

About a month ago we told you that one of Domaining's Most Fascinating for 2011, Merlin Kauffman, who proved worthy of the honor in a creative acquisition of nearly 700 prime properties. 

Kauffman's buying streak has continued at a feverish pace through the end of the year and right into 2013. Snapping fistfuls of domains with little or no competition, it looks like he is gunning to hold the same AAA+-type portfolio of the better known celebrity domainers. 

While you were gushing over TNT selections, and short-sighted Go Daddy coupons, Merlin had his own  list to pursue. We are talking about 1997-98 beautifully aged domain names here. Note that Merlin has a passion for great hair and puppy rescue domains that fit his persona to a "t'.

Kauffman's enhanced collection includes:
joltz. .com

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