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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mike Mann "Am I a douche if I say I told you so?"

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"The most common cause of Facebook frustration came from users comparing themselves socially to their peers. Overall, however, shared content does not have to be “explicitly boastful” for envy feelings to emerge."~~ Why Facebook Makes You Feel Miserable Time

In the smarmy way only he can, Mike Mann holds bragging rights on Facebook for recent domain sales. 

Not sure, with no bidders at his Snap names Auction, whether we should be laughing with him or at him. 

I think the auction only shows what the Webfest auction will prove- domainers are tapped out. 

End Users are where we need to be and I congratulate guys like Rick Schwartz who are looking to innovative programs like Joint Ventures and leasing to carry the ball forward into the 21st century and beyond. Mike has evolved and has earned the right to be smarmy.

From Mike's Facebook page:  
Soft pricing for charities, sold for $2000 Purchased 10/2/09 $100 

For real(ty), fshizzle, sold for $25,000, Acquired: 8/24/11 $70. Am I a douche if I say I told you so? 

Its zen-like man, sold $4,000, purchased 12/15/10 $60 

Salt Lake Management Necessities - sold 5K, purchased 12/20/08 $180 

Sold $2500, purchased 7/20/10 $7.50 (reminds me how they slip in "live from new york its saturday night") $2000, purchased 9/10/10 $7.50 

A bargain, not a scam, sold $40,000. Purchased 2/21/05 $350 

Essential to jetski and sell domains to pay for it, sold 6K, purchased, 7/20/10 $7.50 

Putting site data in context and sold $8500; purchased 3/16/10 $7.50 9K, purchased 9/19/09 (Tiffs 27th BD) for $80. 

Todays hustle so far:
Domains sold: 18 
Avg: $2,572.22 
Total: $46,300.00 

Mike's thought of the day: 
"Changing the world isnt going to be easy." -But will be done nonetheless

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