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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Pimple Faced Teens Go Buckwild for X OUT (.com) Now What's an LLL Worth?

Buckwild Boys Love Mud; Acne Does Too
Wonder what all the fuss about MTV's new show with the porn title "Buckwild" is all a about?

Pimples. That's what it's about.

And an unannounced 6-7 figure LLLL sale of from DNStinations to Guthy-Renker LLC around September 2011.

Unlike past MTV shows where young teen men were portrayed as "metrosexuals" who wouldn't sleep with bed head not treated by a product, our rough and tumble Buckwild teens works jobs as garbage men and love to play mud games. Zits galore!

Metrosexual Matt From Real World New Orleans
They Sold Him Axe Body Spray
Now you've essentially created a show to sell a Zit Remover called XOut. It's the socially acceptable tough men's answer to Proactive the brand who has used MTV shows like Real World and Jersey Shore to become billion dollar brands. It's all about the money. Follow it and you can answer any question.

So now what's this LLLL worth?

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