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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prepare Your Portfolio for Climate Change

Like it or not, the evidence that the Earth's climate is changing is no longer up for debate in mainstream scientific communities. In less-scientific communities, it's also becoming harder to make the argument that some sort of climate change isn't present (no snow in Minnesota in January!). Those who predicted climate change, more commonly known as global warming, warned that not only would temperatures increase, severe weather events will increase in scale and frequency, something we may already be seeing. In just the last few years we've seen New Orleans and the New York/New Jersey area devastated by hurricanes, and a drought with record heat that hit the U.S.

Every company will be affected differently, just like every community will be affected by climate change differently, so there's no single answer to how we should invest for climate change. But long-term investors would be wise to consider what the ramifications may be, good or bad.

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