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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tagg (.com) : Keep Your Pet Off The Pole

Throw out that Estibot thinking and low ball acceptance. Another proof source is here.

MAN'S BEST FRIEND JUST GOT GPS: This great new short, brandable and meaningful iPhone app name not only helps you find your lost pet, it tracks all their activity. Mine could sure use more exercise! (BTW, I have a chip in my dog that I've had since 2009)

No wonder this is the HIT of CES! Only problem is this expensive call-to-action TV campaign now underway could be risky with typo keyword. I don't like typo invented brands because the send up flags at spell check and with SIRI. traffic leakage is assured.

(note older spot, current spot which is on their site  is real good)

*Up till six months ago the name was owned for years by Jayson Elliott of Permission Magazine before being transferred to Qualcomm the tech giant behind the dog tag idea.  Site under Jayson had something different in mind fort word Tag- here is archive screen shot from 2010. 

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