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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Man Who Owns Kardashian

True he's a short guy. But no, he's not the short guy you'd expect to own every piece of the Kardashians—Ryan Seacrest. He's Kevin Ham the man who owns and the rest of the Internet to boot.

If you think about it CEO Debra Domeyer would not be sitting where she is if it hadn't been for Kevin Ham. Debra didn't built Oversee. Kevin built oversee with his cash rich portfolio of typos and TM-resemblence traffic like

The least Debra can do to thank Kevin for his years of business is to convince Kim during the fireside chat to spring for the 500 large to buy the name from Kevin. That's pocket change for Kim who spent more buying a Rolls Royce and shipping it to Miami to appease her brother-in law-Scott.

How cool would it be to watch Kim transfer $500K into Kevin Ham's account in front of an audience of the biggest playas in the biggest game going?

But Kim should do her homework on Mr. Ham before coming to the show. Read the CNN/Money piece. Understand that HE is worth MORE than you.

All of which leads me to reassessing Oversee's choice of Kim Kardashian as its key note speaker.

I think it's a GREAT choice.

After all Domaining is all about catching BIG Names.

You can't get bigger than Kardashian.

You can't find a better example of a brand built on an invented word that's difficult to spell, hard to pronounce and doesn't express the first thing the name brings to mind when you hear it- BOOTY!

Just make sure when she buys, she uses MY affiliate link!

If they don't buy Kevin should sue for back licensing revenue due!

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