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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Google Video: Why The Fuck?

Our private VIP email post yesterday titled "Why The Fuck?" drew an amazing 51% CTR, our highest ever. 

That might answer the question I posed in the piece itself "And why was this post viewed at its source over 50,000 times today (Sunday as I write this) on Posterous, a blogging platform most of you reading this never heard of nor have considered you may even own a domain name that matches the left of the Posterous dot keyword string?

It was the headline. And headlines sell. As Ogilvy calls them "The ticket on the meat."

But author Reginald Braithwaite, a coding geek who in the article picked on Microsoft engineer Scott Hanselman and his diabetes must have known this piece from CBS was coming out. Watch the piece and ask the question "Why the fuck are the greatest minds of our generation toiling away in the Googleplex, harnessing the greatest computing resources in history, trying to figure out how to get Scott Hanselman to click on ads?" has new perspective.

Google clinched the best company crown for the fourth time -- the search engine giant offered perks ranging from 100,000 hours of free massages to access to their three newly opened wellness center and a seven-acre sports complex in 2012.

Andy Serwer, managing editor of Fortune magazine, announced the list Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," and said Google's main office complex in Silicon Valley is "almost like a college campus, with free food, benefits for pets, and electric cars."

"They get the best talent in America," Serwer said of Google, and they get them "to stay there."

What Reginald really wanted to know is "Why the fuck is everyone doing all this useless busy-work, when what Scott Hanselman really needs is to manage his blood sugar with the second-by-second efficiency. Without pain or hassle."

Diabetes. Overweight. These are real problems, affecting real people, that need real solutions, even if they don't sound glamorous when writing a  "Show HN" post.

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