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Thursday, February 21, 2013

FM On NamePros: How To Find End Users w/ & Other P&G As Examples

Lots of millions here. And to be made studying here:

FM writes on NamePros: "Read a short article on Frager about the domain portfolio Proctor & Gamble owns (here.) Not sure what their total portfolio size is, but this list demonstrates what I've said before about looking for companies who have serious domain portfolios outside of the domaining business. Many sizable companies in virtually every niche imaginable have significant domain portfolios, and they are good targets for end user marketing."

OF: What we are now seeing is a pattern of one-word category-defining names taken and then competitors going for "second best" names like (Fidelity) then later when the keyword was taken out of play their competitor turned to Marchex for a "second best" name — (Mass Mutual).

We see this agin with (J&J) taking the keyword out of play then competitor coming to Marchex for (Sanofi). And again (Bayer) then Marchex selling (Sanofi).

Accordingly, and aside from showing the drug market is hot for information named sites, these P&G Names makes a great prospect list if you have a name similar to one owned by a corporation, use that to open a door, a conversation with their competition about you name. Notice they love to own BOTH singular and plural.

Though they don't even use many of them, they own simply so their competitors can't and that if they sell or merge having the portfolio adds value.

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