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Thursday, February 28, 2013

For DNS, February Closes A Month of 5-Figure Blow Outs (.com)

This page will be updated throughout the day then added to THIS page tomorrow linking sales to the end users who have thus far activated them.

Congratulations to all the customers, the brokers and the friends that helped deliever another one for the record books at Domain Name Sales.

This Week's Sales:

Blowouts.Com @ $20-$50K
CarCommercials.Com  $5-10K
CompareHealth.Com  $20-50K
FinancialRatios.Com  $5-10K
HotelDestination.Com. 10-20
Lamp.Org (Kauffman)
NetSecured.Net (Schaffer)
RemoteCarStarters.Com  $5-10K
SkiHomes.Com $20-$50K
TheEvilWithin.Com  $5-10K
Traveltrailer.Com @ $50-$100K
WellPlaced.Com. $3-5k

February Sales to date:
Blowouts.Com @ $20-$50,000 (Schaffer) $3-5K
CarCommercials.Com  $5-10K $20-50K
CompareHealth.Com  $20-50K $5-10K        $10-20k        $3-5k $5-10k (Schaffer)         $10-20k  (Warren Royal)
FinancialRatios.Com  $5-10K
HotelDestination.Com. 10-20 $10-20k
IrondeficiencyAnemia com $5-10k $3-5K
Lamp.Org Kauffman) $5-10K
NetSecured.Net (Scahaffer) (Scahaffer) $5-10K $50-100k     $10-20k        
RemoteCarStarters.Com  $5-10K
Remotecarstarters.Com  $5-10K (Schaffer) $3-5K $5-10
SkiHomes.Com @ $20-$50,000 $3-5K (Schaffer) $20-50k $5-10
TheEvilWithin.Com  $5-10K       $5-10k
Traveltrailer.Com @ $50-$100,000 (Schaffer)
WellPlaced.Com. $3-5k

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