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Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Domain Shane, The Brain Doesn't Equal The Booty

Domain Shane remarked this morning that for all the buzz, few people were talking about Kim Ks preso. "After it was all said and done the Kim Kardashian speech turned out to be a non event. It worked well for Oversee.  The room was the most crowded its ever been (I’m told, I haven’t been to all of them) and afterward everyone simply moved on to the next event.  I don’t think anyone really even talked about Kim, good or bad, from that point forward. The same as Bob Parsons, and Biz Stone.  I can confirm that Kim was paid low $XXX,XXX for her appearance but Oversee also gave $10,000 to the WaterSchool to shave Richard Lau’s head.   It’s their money to spend and we all had a great time so I say money well spent." I agree with Shane on most of that but not that its money well spent. Because it wasn't THESE speakers who gave the audience red meat they can take home and change their destiny with. I agree with Shane!

Webfest and T.R.A.F.F.I.C in May would be better served either saving their money by offering a commission-free auction (which would lower reserves) or donating the fee to the Water School and ICA since both are cause domainers care about. Sponsors from the show could challenge attendees to pitch in with matching greens and now the community does something good and leaves a legacy back that can be talked about in the press to reverse the current perceptions..

Who would I like to hear speak at a domain convention:

1) Hold a contest of all Ron Jackson cover features, all DomainSherpa profiles and all the subjects of my own Most Fascinating domineer award. Let the community vote. Bring the winner in for free (no fee) and let Paul Sloan interview them live for a real story in CNet.


2) The end user of the year. I'd like P&G to come in and hear their domain strategy from the horses mouth and how domains can be needed by them as a component in the JointVenture program I wrote of her. Let Michael Sherpa or even Tony Russammano (CBS Technology Reporter) record this live for rebroadcast to all (with on yo get on a TV platform with b roll) and to love in perpetuity.

I think the most valuable talks for me have been Jeff Reynolds, The Two Kids who built a bike biz, Warren Warren, John Berryhill, Bill Kara, Bill Hartzer, Colin Pape, Braden Pollock and I would have liked Tim Ash from what I heard. These are role models with inspirational stories who you leave better off for listening. Also GEO C/V branding expert Bruce Turkel would leave you pumped. He was the most popular talk of our domain success series.

I believe auctions are epic fails. Nothing that couldn't be orchestrated on to a bigger tent on a live online auction as Mike Fiol and Adam Strong did. No need to charge $1200 and take $400 for one day to make attendees sit through domains selling for $300 and most not selling at all.

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