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Monday, February 04, 2013

Go Daddy's CEO of Pigeon Shit Blake Irving Defends Ad; Berkens Errs in Defense

"If the goal of a television commercial is to be memorable, talked about and generating “Buzz” you couldn’t hope for a much better performing ad than what’s ad generated."  ~~~ WRONG Mike Berkens read why below

Well they are not going to fire Blake Irving because he's not there for us, he's there like Mitt Romney was at Staples- to burn and ditch. He's a modern day bank robber.

If they want to be successful they ought to can Irving and poach the only CMO in domain industry who knows anything about marketing, Lori Ann Wardi, to replace him as CEO. She has a Goldman Sachs background so she also knows how to flip, flip but not flop in the process of flip. You get two c-brains for mind of one.

Plus HER Super Bowl commercial was cuts above most others. “YourBigIdea.CO” has earned more praise from critics and directly addressed the importance of taking action on your big ideas by registering a .CO domain name before someone else does.

I am sick of people justifying the expense saying "it worked BECAUSE people are talking about it."

You got the lesson screwed up in marketing school. If the ad was for ad agency trying to show how much attention they could get for a client- great.

But this was supposed to be an ad that sold domain hosting and registrations. If it worked today's water cooler talk should be "who knew you could buy a better domain second hand, I think I spent $2K and will now be #1 on Google." "Why am I spending money to build a brand when I could have gone to GoDaddy and buy one." 

"You know when you told me all the domains were taken and you couldn't get one for your flower shop, think again."

"I saw their service and moved all my names from" 

Buzz is misdirected today making the ad itself the product being talked about and moving the product, the reason for being, off the stage. 
Via TorontoDomainer

Advertising only works when the register rings and when the register rings bringing products and services so improving people's lives and businesses that they tell others and they buy too.

This commercial accomplishes none of that. Sure they will say it peaked sales, but give gambling addicted teen domainers a bud and a coupon and it's easy to pump up the balance sheet with 3D bird flu.

Here's what you need to know about making a great commercial: 

1. Make a Promise

2. Prove It

3. Ask for Action

4. Leave Everything Else Out

Interesting, isn't it? That would sure disqualify a whole lot of ads you see and hear today, on the Internet and off, on your TV and radio, and on your breakfast table when you're reading the paper.

But then... how many of those ads are really designed to bring the business owner business?

As opposed to such lofty goals as "build brand awareness"... "get your name out there" ... "strengthen shelf of mind" ... and so on.

I've often wondered who those above-mentioned goals are for: the business... or someone else who profits each time the ad runs?

Is because writing copy is not just about words.

It's understanding the core desires of the audience being targeted, the ability to create unbeatable offers to get people to buy and creating campaigns that work, create response and create loyal customers. There are copy writers, the newer breed, who read a few books and proclaim themselves experts and then there are the real copywriters, like Michel Fortin, Ted Cooper (who helped launch Apple, Schwab and Quick Books), John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarmen, and others who all earned their stripes as Direct Mailers who have moved there hard earned skills to the Internet.

Read Ogilvy on Advertising, it's all here.

As for GoDaddy anyone seeking to buy them for $4 billion, should read this thread- because these are the pigeon droppings and pea-brained pigeon handlers that keep them artificially propped up times tens of thousand.

See what CBS had to say about the ad and their focus group too

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