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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jody Chamberlain Puts Her Head On The Line and In Escrow

The next volunteer to put her head on the line for the Water Shave fund-raiser is conference promoter and every domain traveler's best friend, Jody Chamberlain

Jodi is willing to sacrifice her lovely brown locks when Domaining Spain returns for an April 25-27, 2013 run at the Sorolla Palace Hotel in Valencia, if donors step up again and generate $50,000 in pledges to The Water School.  Sort of.

By sort of I mean she is putting the offer in Escrow on the contingency that she gets another barber and has asked for's own Andee Hill. 

Says Andee, "This will be the first time Greg will not be doing the shaving and while the result will be the same, my previous experience as a licensed hair stylist will take it off more gently and allow Jodi to see her Ann Hathaway and Charlize Theron looks on the downside that will grace her gorgeous face on the upside as the hair begins to grow back quick. 

Andee adds "You know I haven't done hair (other than my husband and kids) for 15-20 years?  Although I can promise I am better at it than ggg. I have a few close girlfriends that do hair and they can refresh me on any techniques I need. Mohawk? You could certainly pull that off!"

You can help make it happen, as I just did, by visiting to pledge your support.

Over the past 12 months PPX International Chairman Gregg McNair has used his considerable powers of persuasion to convince a series of domain industry figures to let him shave their heads bald in exchange for donations to a very worthy charity - The Water School

Richard Lau, Vern Jurovich, Jeffrey Gabriel, Ron Jackson and Bill Lozada were the last in the current line of sheep sheared by the mad barber from Melbourne, Australia— all in the name of clean water! .

Here in the United Sates, we are fortunate to turn on the faucet each day and just expect water to pour forth to meet all of our needs.

Unfortunately people in rural areas and in developing countries draw their drinking mainly from surface sources such as ponds, rivers and lakes. These same sources are used by cattle and other livestock and for bathing, washing clothes and other domestic uses.  Even when improved sources are provided (bore holes, rain water harvesting, etc.), the water is usually contaminated during collection, transportation and storage. There is also limited awareness and education of proper sanitation and hygiene techniques which compounds the lack of clean water.

Water School is an international charity working in Kenya and Uganda with a mission to provide a simple, sustainable clean water solution to the world's water crisis. Founded in 2007, Water School empowers communities through a proven 3-step program which integrates sanitation and hygiene education with a simple and sustainable water treatement technology called Solar Disinfection (SODIS). 

Jodi is also planning on visiting Africa this summer to see first hand how Water School is saving so many lives with its affordable and effective disease-preventing clean water program.

Remember, you can help make it happen, as I just did, by visiting to pledge your support.

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