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Friday, February 01, 2013

New DNS Quarterback Jeff Gabriel Comes Rushing Out of The Tunnel Determined To Do Everything Within His Power To Win The Domain Game

Jeff Gabriel and Frank Schilling Show Off Their Wall of Dreams Fulfilled
"At the end of the day we are selling dreams, and hope for prosperity. The majority of sales have been to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, most businesses, products or brands start with a domain and I want our brokers to capture this excitement and help them achieve their goals."

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, I am reminded of great closing-minutes plays that produced some of the games’ most exciting finishes. Top among them is how Eli Manning turned what was about to be a sack in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLII into a 32-yard pass to David Tyree, who completed his leaping catch by pressing the ball against his helmet. “The Helmet Catch” kept alive the scoring drive that led to the Giants' 17–14 upset victory over the New England Patriots. Steve Sabol of NFL Films called it "the greatest play the Super Bowl has ever produced." NFL Films later called it "The Play of the Decade (2000s)."

Of course, none of that would have happened without the trade that brought Manning to the Giants from the Chargers. That might have to be called the deal of the decade.

Well the team-building deal of the domain decade is Frank Schilling luring Jeff Gabriel to the Caymans to take command of DNS sales. With competition getting tougher each season, Frank is determined to build a perennial Domain Bowl winner. So he acquired the industry’s once and future MVP, who has left his former team behind, packed up and taken the family to the Caymans to win domaining’s big one. This is the perfection of domaining. And for Gabriel the play of his life.

According to DNJournal, “Jeff will be tasked with taking sales numbers and the DNS platform to the next level. He will focus on increasing sales for both Frank’s owned and operated names as well as those of Frank's domain monetization clients. Gabriel will have a lot of tools at his disposal to make that happen, including the current highly proficient DNS Sales Team and the many solid relationships Jeff has established throughout the industry, some of the strongest of which were made during his time as President at DomainAdvisors.”

Jeffrey Gabriel first came onto my radar in 2010 when I read that both Mike Berkens and Frank Schilling— who collectively have the best sales skills in the industry— had turned over end-user leads to Jeffrey to close, believing he could be more effective than they were in selling their domain names. And sell them he did, making Jeff their go-to guy for closing lucrative end-user sales.

It was all part of Jeffrey's best year ever, delivering $23 million in sales for Sedo during the last 12 months of 2010, including the highest priced single domain sale of the year and ever, ( for $13 million), the highest .ORG sale on record ( and smaller more routine sales for Jeff like at $500K (co-brokered with Matt Rosebrook), and for $220K (for Frank Schilling).

Accordingly we voted him one of Domaining's Most Fascinating People and he was the subject of our cover storyin December of 2010.

Since leaving Sedo for DomainAdvisors, shortly after the profile was published, Jeff, now 32, worked with Tessa Holcomb and Gregg McNair to build the company's brokerage division from the ground up. They brought in people from outside the industry and taught and managed them from scratch closing $12 million in the first year, $15 million in the second, and leaving the company better off with a strong hand-picked team to carry on.

Carry on they will, as week after week DomainAdvisors’ hard work is a big contributing factor to Domain Name Sales results. If you our follow reporting on DNS, you have no doubt noticed that DomainAdvisors has had a hand in an increasingly large number of high dollar third party brokerage deals completed on the DNS platform.

"It's great to look back and say I helped build that team," Jeff boasts. "At Sedo I really learned the basics of the domain business. Having the opportunity to work along side Tessa Holcomb and Gregg McNair taught me the art of negotiation, business strategies and really what it is like to be an entrepreneur. That is a time in my life I will never forget.”

Now Jeff is calling the sales plays at DNS, where Frank Schilling has invested millions of dollars of his own capital as well as decades of experience to create an industry-leading sales and monetization platform. Jeff says that even in the short time that he’s been with DNS, he sees how Frank’s success comes from his complete attention to detail.

Jeff says a perfect example of this is a small sales feature that is available to all DNS clients: “cookieing” clients on sales pages. When a buyer clicks on the “for sale” link on a parked page and makes an offer, their browser gets a cookie. From then on if the buyer returns to that page they will go directly to the for sale lander instead of the parked page.

Jeff with Dr. Mark Whiteley,
Buyer of Complex Medical Domain Names
“The best part about this is the dialog that has occurred between the seller/broker and the buyer is also saved to that page,” says Jeff. “This will allow buyers who might walk away for a bit to come back and pick up where they left off in a negotiation. Many small details like these might seem insignificant, but as Frank said to me, ‘Each thousand mile journey begins with a step.’ ”

All Jeff asks is for brokers to take some time to really get familiar with the DNS tools and platform. "If used properly the DNS system can be the most powerful sales tool a Domain Broker could have. It tracks emails sent, phone calls made, provides detailed reporting and will even follow up with potential buyers," Gabriel explains. "We have all the tools you need to close a deal right on site. You can learn a lot about the buyer and their possible motivation for inquiring about the domain. We help you become a more informed seller. It gets you in rhythm to get sales and be successful. We will also offer training on how to use it."

While Frank’s tool out of the box offers a no-commission self-service sales process, professional sales forces, like professional athletes, are far superior at their trade than inexperienced sellers suggests Jeff.

“A full time professional broker will earn far more than the commission they charge you,” he says. "Try to sign with broker who knows how to use the platform and work as a team with you, the seller. Become friends. Set goals and discuss strategy. Talk, text or Skype regularly. Build a relationship."

After our interview I realized this is an area where I have been negligent in doing MY part to make the most of Domain Name Sales. After all, you’ve got the most skin in the game, why get lazy now?

Six months ago Frank Schilling confided in me that he had “big plans afoot.”

Now I know that what he was referring to was that, unbeknownst to me at the time, Gabriel was already in his sights. "I am trying to build something to unlock the value of small name portfolios," Frank told me, "and the vision that small individual domainers have.”

"For example," Frank shares, "I have a sales platform that generates 700 leads a day. Rather than bring 100 sales people to Cayman to unlock the value of 7 leads each, what if I could build a system to send leads (from DNS) to 100 brokers overseas."

Mirrored Ball in DNS' Cayman's HQ Remindful
That The Art Of Negotiation is like Dancing TheTango
Now dressed more casually in a button down shirt and jeans, Gabriel-by-the-sea and far way from those harsh New England winters ponders these challenges in his new Caymans office with mirror ball turning from the ceiling as an ever expanding and enthusiastic team bristles with activity around him.

“We attribute our success on this platform to using the tool to its fullest extent, but also picking up the phone and talking to the people who want to purchase these names,” says Jeff. “At the end of the day we are selling dreams, and hope for prosperity. The majority of sales have been to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, most businesses, products or brands start with a domain and I want our brokers to capture this excitement and help them achieve their goals. Why build a brand when you can buy one?”

For the end users who acquired these names from DNS, this January and are already turning them into profitable and productive businesses the answer to that question is obvious. NDA
Bizy.Com $40,500 (redirect to $5,000  (Schaffer)
Bulkid.Com (Schaffer) $3-5K
Casadelcafe.Com $3,900  (redirect to
Catalyzed.Com $3-5K $75,000 $5-10k $10K (Kauffman) $8,000
DeskTopThemes.Com (Schaffer) $3,500
Eljefe.Com (Kauffman) $20-50K (Royal) $60K $19K $10k $25k (truncate$7.5K (Schaffer) $3,500 (Schaffer) $3-5K $5-10k USD (NDA to CIROC) 3-5
Ngames.Com $50,000 (redirects to $2,000 $15K $5-10K $3-5K $5-10K $15K $3-5K
RoadOne 25k $11K (redirect to $60K $41K $10-20K $3-5k$15k US  $6.5k USD $5,000 $40,500 10-20K $3-5LK $3,500 $10-20K (Morinda Pharma) $3-5K $3K (Kauffman) (Schaffer) $5-10K  (redirect to $28,500 $69,000 USD (Dreamwiz) $9,500 (Kauffman) $7K (backs up Super Bowl’s big GoDaddy bet on matching .CO) $5-10k 
While DNS’ monthly results thus far seem impressive, with 100s of thousands of names like these just waiting for dreams to bring them to life, we haven’t begun to see what’s possible when DNS' true potential is unlocked. Gabriel holds the key.
The Super Bowl is the ultimate destination for NFL greatness, and every so often, a play is made that turns into the stuff of legend. 

These memorable moments originate not only from the star players, but also the unknown heroes. 

In time the world will discover what I already know as I enjoy Sunday’s big game— with the hiring of Gabriel, Frank Schilling hooked up on one of the most unbelievable Super Bowl plays the domain industry has ever produced.

(Note: All sales DNS house unless otherwise noted, prices ranges only until confirmed by DNJournal, Check THERE on Wednesday. Non-prices are usually under NDA.)

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