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Sunday, February 03, 2013

NY Times Poll: GoDaddy Rafaeli "Match" Ad— 62% Tasteless- Executives Heads MUST Roll

NY Times as in the executives and agency folks you dream of reselling your investments to.

Not only does the ad fail to make any inroads to promote the industry and our story, it furthers the myth about our industry being composed of scum.

Maybe Unregistry or will get it right in next year's Super Bowl. Lord knows there's an untapped hidden end user gold mine for whoever does and that can have far-reaching positive impact for everyone reading this right now.

The first years of ads were designed to get the monkey off Parson's back and get a sucker to make him billionaire from a drunken, gambling-addicted, unsustainable domainer-rich balance sheet.

According to Business Insider, "Daddy was a private, controversial company for a long time. Its former CEO videotaped himself killing an elephant. It supported SOPA, the bill that everyone on the Internet hated. And then there's those Super Bowl ads featuring Danica Patrick and top heavy ladies."

"That's probably changing now. Not just because of Irving. Go Daddy was sold for $2 billion to an investment group last year. That investment group will either want to take Go Daddy public or sell it for more than $2 billion to someone else."

See their goal is pump and dumb. They could care less about creating long-term customer value. Any competitor can step up to the plate right now and eat their lunch.

KKR: Fire Irving's just-hired ass first thing Monday and get that announcement on the Today show. Why even hire someone coming from two loser companies? You are living on borrowed time unless you do. And the press only describes Irving as "Former Yahoo and Microsoft executive Blake Irving has been named CEO of controversial web hosting company Go Daddy." 

Controversial hosting sounds like an escort service.

I repeat I wear my GoDaddy T-Shirt to the dog park every day and after 10 years of Super Bowl ads everyone asks me "what's a GoDaddy?" I ask them if they own a small business and how they got their domain. Bingo- they never knew they didn't have to settle for

NY Times coverage

Here's the buzz from Twitter:

  1. RT : That  commercial was VERY DISTURBING.
  2. Face frozen in shock from that  commercial. The kissing sounds may haunt me until halftime 
  3. Anyone else ever wish they were a fat kid with sensitive skin and a fro? 
  4. cant believe that IT guy on the  commercial lowered his standards to kiss that 6/10
  5. Wonder how much they had to pay her?!?  
  6. That nerd is winning! .com
  7. Lowering the Bar Rafaeli  
  8. The sounds on that  commercial made me throw up in my mouth! 
  9. My 15yr old son  just asked me for an  and a account
  10. I will NEVER use  just because of their commercials. And that was so gross, the sound was beyond not needed.
  11. I would have gladly played the nerd in the  commercial.
  12.  just ruined my life. Most disgusting commercial ever.
  13. I just threw up my hot wings after seeing that nasty perverted azz commercial -___-
  14. I never want to kiss anything again ever.  
  15. That as the grossest   I've ever seen
  16. Danica Patrick is the female equivalent of a shonda for the goyim. 
  17. that was the most awkwardiest commercial of my life 
  18. .....that was the most awkward kiss I've seen in my entire life
  19. Ew I think I'll go throw up after that commercial  
  20. That fat kid got redder than the Peyton Manning's forehead.
  21. That was the grossest commercial I have ever seen 
  22. Lmfaoooo How'd Steven Schein get a girl like that?? 
  23. Jessie Heiman in a Super Bowl commercial!!! So proud to call him an IWYS fan.  
  24. welllll thatttt was awkward for all of America.. 
  25. Haven't seen Danica's  ads yet, but something tells me they will lead to Stenhouse's friends immediately high-fiving him.
  26. Super Bowl commercials>>>  😜
  27. Is  going to propose to us to live the same experience with Bar Refaeli?  
  28. No, I don’t like the  commercial – and here’s why  
  29. Can't wait to see the commercials this year for the Super Bowl!
  30. Done with  & its repeated ineptitude with IMAP email; will find a new service for personal sites & clients 
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  32. Daddy just won 2500 bucks on a scratch and win  👍
  33. How many takes did Jesse Heiman have to kiss Bar Refaeli for their Super Bowl commercial? 
  34. More everything! View  Super Bowl commercials and get your idea online 1st with 47% off your total order  
  35. Broadcast Alert: watch  Founder  on Fox Business in the next half hour Discussing Perfect Match
  36. Did you know  was a longtime  hosting customer long before he starred in our ad?
  37. At the  with  Super Bowl star watch for him around 7:30am
  38. The LCMS Lady Panthers are going to state tomorrow. I repeat. State. It is a big deal even for middle school.  😊💛

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