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Saturday, March 16, 2013

AAPL: Apple Take Note (.com)

The exceptional domain name is being brokered by Domain Advisors.

Like Amazon or Google, the word Note could conceivably become an instantly strong brand for almost anything.

You can probably think of hundreds of applications for Note as the Note we know. I for one, find myself sending myself notes by e and voice mail when I think of things and just have a mobile device. There are meetings you'd like to take notes and back them up. There are audio notes. There are occasions and attractions of note.

There are dozens of contenders for easily at six figures plus.  Several are multi-billion global brands who are already in market using Note as the brand name for their products.

But there is only one prospect for who could turn it into a billion dollar revenue stream virtually overnight: Apple. 

It's because while Apple is thought to own an entire industry, unbelievably it has overlooked one of its most profitable pieces.

It's like people coming to you to buy cigarettes but you don't carry lighters.

To make this real all Apple has to do is acquire an existing business and rebrand it Note as an App. Their product is a best-kept secret currently discovered by about five million prospects. It is one of the few things in print that requires paper copies.

Within Apple, it would exposed to a billion prospects day one. It would become part of their op system therefore every Apple desktop will have it on the next update.

Best of all this is one of those rare domains that can be expressed in a small graphic, a symbol that is already strong in the hearts and minds of people. A symbol that transcends borders, culture and language. Ironically, by acquiring the domain and hence the brand equity of its symbol, the icon also personifies one of Apple's biggest attractions.

Of course I am being cryptic and vague. Giving away the details or the idea would undermine my chances of selling my insights to Apple. Operators are standing by.

As it was explained in the Caymans, "it's my butter for their bread."

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btw, to behold the power of Apple's customer base and interface take "note" of these facts from LaunchDFW

On February 7th, Mailbox launches in the Apple App Store and the reservation count jumps to over 250,000 people “in line”.

Shortly thereafter in February, Forbes posts a prophetic premonition of a Mailbox acquisition – but not by Dropbox, but rather Google or Apple.

Just last week at SXSWi, Underwood reveals that over 500,000 people are using the application on their iPhones, 1.25m+ people have reserved their spots “in line”, and that they are processing over 50 million email messages a day – just 3 weeks after actually launching.

Today, March 15th, the company announces their acquisition by Dropbox – a cloud-storage company valued at over $4 billion.   TechCrunch is reporting Mailbox sold for about $100 million.

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