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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

dotMOBI: We Didn't Start This Fight. But You Still Have 50,000 Dogs In It.

As Peter, Paul and Mary says, "when will they ever learn."

Some of the younger, newer domainers and bloggers used to criticize me for trying to avert newbies falling for the extension scam. Not all are scams. Not all will be. 

But if you are new you are vulnerable, you won't know the difference. What made the difference here for me is that I KNEW the iPhone was coming. In fact it's tomorrow you need to understand and bet on for anything being created today has already expired. In the case of the next wave of gullible domainers, they haven't been born yet. But when they get here these new Tlds will be waiting. And most of us will be broke nad burned out from cycles of insanity.

Yet stubborn, defiant investors continue to cling on to their dream: 50,000 .Mobi registrations continue to churn cash. Proof positive that there are and will be plenty of prospects for anything even if it's nothing as long as they think it's something.

So when you think there won't be a new sucker crop to buy the new extensions, remember you may be educated by then, but every second a new young guy or girl who knows nothing about history is getting ready to board the domain bus. You can't blame the registries who offer these products. The buyer has to bear some responsibility for making informed, educated decisions.

IIs there something sleazy about it? Yup, but there’s nothing illegal or irregular about it. It's just as American as Apple Pie and as Business as Usual as Coffee and DONUTS.

Any how from the archives and if It can save one soul today, so be it. When I grow up I want to be a new extension. Hey we laugh on the outside by in our hearts we know that's one of the few ways to play and win the domain game.

Comments to my work from the site archives:

Thank you for this. As a major investor in DOTCOM, I cannot understand this sudden attention in DOTMOBI. DOTCOM is King. We know this. You know this. Now all these new people talk about DOTMOBI. Maybe this DOTMOBI has the support of GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, D Telekom, NOKIA, SAMSUNG, etc, etc, and I say so what. Who cares? DOTCOM - the KING! It has long way to get to our DOTCOM level. You do a great job on this blog. I tell all my fellow DOTCOM domainers, no worry with DOTMOBI, DOTCOM is still the KING!  
You and you fellow domain bloggers have been slandering .mobi investors since the beginning. We didn't start this fight.  
Do you have a negative personal interest toward dot Mobi? There are seemingly a lot more villainous topics within your scope of expertise. It seems to me that dot Mobi is an honest attempt (however successful or unsuccessful) at creating a mobile compatible namespace. Why not post to your blog anytime companies uses dot Com instead of dot Net?  
FoxNews is using .mobi so it can't be dead. If even 2 more large media companies adopt a .mobi channel, then nobody can say it's dead. 

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