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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Frank Schilling Reports Sales March First 15; The Gabriel Rock Star Touch Already Shines

Sales audits didn't make it in time for results yesterday so you'll have to wait until the next report for confirmation. But it looks like Jeff Gabriel is already making an impact and picking up the pace there.

They continue to innovate at DNS withnew colored landing strips, owner financing and lease options (I was surprised to see one of these tested on my names).

The appeal of $43 a month was sure more attractive then the $10K counter-offer I made that blew off two previously well qualified end user prospects for!

Here are DNS Results Through 3/14 $3-5K $5-10k USD 20-50K  (Schaffer) $10-20K (APP $3-5K $3-5k USD $5-10k USD  (JR Mats)  $5-10K $3-5K $5-10K $20-50k USD  $5-10K  (Blue Earth Nutrition) $3-5K  $20-50K  $5-10K $5-10K $10-20k USD  (Corporation Service Co) $10-20K (Ferber)  $3-5K  NDA $20-50K (Chad Folk) $10-20K  $10-20K $5-10k USD (Schaffer) $3-5K  $3-5K

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