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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frank Schilling's TheWineExpert (.com) To Help Ogilvy Action Push Chilean Wine in China

Who could have figured that one out in the apprasial process. As Frank says why build a brand when you can buy one!

Says Ogilvy, "Shopper, Trade, Experiential and Promotional Marketing – these are our core disciplines and reflect the discipline areas of expertise we have built and leverage in creating and executing Brand Activation solutions. By understanding the behaviour of consumers, shoppers and 
retailers, we're able
to create the conditions 
that drive brand purchase

We are dedicated to seeking to understand not just insights around the Brand and the Consumer, but also, importantly, the core insights around the shopper and the retailer.

Only by having that comprehensive intelligence and insight into the intersection of these core 'components' can we realistically deliver against our stated proposition - Creating Purchase Behavior.
This process delivers a highly positive and measurable influence on our clients' brands and sales.

OgilvyAction is committed to understanding not just insights regarding Brands and the Consumers, but also, importantly, the core insights regarding the Shopper and the Retailer. And by having that comprehensive intelligence and insight into the intersection of those four core elements we can create activation solutions that truly delight Consumers and Shoppers.

The sold for near $20K. Additional DNS Sales brought in yesterday included:     $5-10k USD     $5-10k (Ogilvy Chilean Wine Growers)     $10-20k 

Which brings the total March madness to:    $3-5K $10-20K (Kauffman)      $10k USD $3-5K (Schaffer) $5-10k USD 20-50K  (redirect              $20-50k $5-10K  $50-100k at $11,000                   $5-10k  (Schaffer)  $5-10K     $5-10k USD    $5-10K $3-5K     $10-20k USD $3-5k USD $20-50K    $5-10K $10-20K $5-10k USD  (Sharma)  $17,500 (JR Mats)  $5-10K $3-5K $5-10K (Kauffman) $5-10K $3-5K   (to Naples Realty)          $5-10K     $5-10K $22K USD  (Schaffer )     $5-10k USD  $5-10K (Disney Condos) (Schaffer)  $5-10K  (Blue Earth Nutrition)  $15K $3-5K (Schaffer) (redirect PHPS.KR) $30-5K (to Corporation Service Co) (Kauffman) (Kauffman)  $29K  (Samsung Call-to-Action) $10-20K $5-10K  $5-10K $10-20K    $5-10k $5-10k $5-10K at $10,000 $5-10K    $3-5K     $5-10k USD $17K USD  (Corporation Service Co) $10-20K (Ferber)  $3-5K  NDA $20-50K (Chad Folk) $10-20K $15K (Schaffer) $5-10k USD $20-50k USD    $20-50k     $10-20k USD (Schaffer) $3-5K  $3-5K

For the last 24 months sales with links to the end users who have activated them, GO HERE

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