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Friday, March 08, 2013

Fiesta Delos Dollars: Go Daddy Gears Up For a Bonanza

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"The industry has been touting the addition of the approximately 2000 new suffixes as a “land rush” and a “gold rush.” Critics, however, have warned the process will mean a surge in cyber-squatting and trademark infringement. Companies, which have likened it to a shakedown, are already exasperated at having to pay for new names like “.xxx” they don’t need or want but feel obliged to obtain lest someone abuse them. This could occur, for example, if someone who is not Disney bought the name “”.
The domain name sales have also been characterized as a brazen act of self-dealing by ICANN, an unaccountable agency that overseas the naming process for the internet.
GoDaddy’s Irvine defends the process, saying “free market economics allow people to buy the names they want.” He added that the potential for abuse is lower since so-called domain parking (sitting on a name but using it just for ads) is not as big of a business as it once was." ~~John Jeff Roberts Opining in Paid Content

"Scottsdale’s Go Daddy Inc. is gearing up for a bonanza over the next two years as the Internet is flooded with an estimated 1,400 new domain-name extensions including .home, .web, .app, .shop and .blog."
"Go Daddy, the world’s largest registrar of Internet domain names, expects a major boost in business as the new extensions, known as top-level domains, begin to hit the market this summer at an estimated rate of about 20 per week."
"The availability of descriptive top-level domains will present new opportunities for consumers and businesses, but it also has the potential to cause confusion, Go Daddy officials said."
"As a domain registrar and web-hosting company, Go Daddly likely will benefit from being the designated registrar for some of the new domain extensions and as hosting company for a significant portion of the new websites created."
"Companies and individuals have filed more than 1,900 applications for top-level domains of their choosing, many of them competing for the same ones."
"The most sought-after extensions include .web, .app, .home, .book, .blog, .shop and .art."
"The price for each application was $185,000 and was paid to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a private, non-profit group based in California that regulates Internet addresses for the entire world."
"Addresses that make logical sense and fit the website’s description would help make things easier while consumers get used to the new extensions, Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving said."
“It is potentially a huge opportunity or a point of massive confusion for folks,” he said.

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