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Saturday, March 09, 2013

In The Matter of Schwartz Vs Frager: I Never Expected Domain Gang To Redeem Me

You may recall a drunk post I made after leaving TRAFFIC disappointed that 3 prime names I put up for auction couldn't even get a $100 opening bid. That led me to rant about the state of the industry which many conference organizers, good friends of mine, took as a personal attack. Mike Berkens came to the defense of TRAFFIC and in doing so actually used my own words to praise its merits and values. 

There was so much controversy and politics about this, there were about ten posts and over 100K views (your welcome Francois) that at the end of the day left TRAFFIC with the best advertising money couldn't buy and its next show was a sellout.

Ironically, it was Theo, who was able to cut through my verboseness and often politically unsavvy approach to distill my message simply to this post repasted below.

Fast forward 24 months later and it seems is the answer to my prayers. Even on the new JV Forum, all the fuss about new extensions versus the excitement, energy and will to win of the 12 member JV team, proves there is light at the end of this tunnel. I make and save these posts because I believe we are living breathing and creating a unique moment in time unlike any other. I am not throwing this back in your face from a need to be right, but only as a thank you for being heard.  It's unfortunate that the fruits of the rewards to come don't distinguish between naysayers and haters who endlessly complain why things don't happen and those with the eye of the tiger that rise up, take charge and make things happen.

BRAVO Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh. "The stage is set, the troops are lined up and we are beginning the march into battle. Pioneering an untapped frontier." Rick's new board is beaming with energy ad enthusiasm I haven't seen in years. Rick could very easily retire on a yacht and never work another day in his life. But he is a guy born to pay it forward. He is a great leader of men. He gets no respect now, but one day in the history books of time, his name and his body of work will be subject of discussion in business schools everywhere. 

TRAFFIC 2011: The Frager Factor calls it like it is

“TRAFFIC sucked” – That’s the title of an excellent, unbiased and honest post made by Owen Frager over at The Frager Factor that may shock many with its candid title; it should ruffle the feathers of the organizers of TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale.
“The industry lacks leadership and focus at the top. Once upon a time TRAFFIC was an advocate for the attendees needs. It forced companies to innovate. Now the domain industry is side tracked by the money in new extensions. But what about the domains everyone already owns?”
The post is far from being an attack on the largest domain conference; it’s an honest review by a savvy attendee that must be read carefully by everyone at TRAFFIC.

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