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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jitterbug Rebrands to Great Call (.com): Kills The Jingle Tie-In One of Domaining's Best-Kept Secrets

Jitterbug, the super-sized simple cell phone for seniors has rebranded as Great Call is a GREAT CALL! But as I expressed in this July 2008 post when Jitterbug was launched, the power of a domain name and the borrowed equity in a known in  the hearts and minds of people song name is an unbeatable combination.

Must have been some kind of lawsuit behind this as they have been out of the market for awhile.

An untapped opportunity in domains is when the name matches a popular song or jingle. Can you say it in a song? Everyone loves a good jingle. And, they have been proven to stick with people forever – for example Folgers - “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” Using jingles in radio and television ads have been hugely successful for businesses in food, package goods and even the automotive industry. They create an emotional connection with consumers. And, they can last for years and years (as long as they are not too cheesy or annoying). The cost of creating one jingle has HUGE pay off if you use it to brand your business, run it in all broadcast ads, and increase your leads and sales as a result.

Recently we commented on the song "Candy" being misapplied in a ChickDowntown commercial. You leave the spot with the word "candy" repeating in your mind and that's what the strongest choice for a call-to-action domain choice should have been ""

So a big "WE GET IT" to Samsung for recognizing and untapped niche within a niche and creating a "sing along" call-to-action campaign around a domain name that speaks directly and with high emotional appeal to a senior demographic. While iPhone, Juke and GlidePhone and Razor phone promote the cool factor, Grandma needs a simple way to call 911 when she falls. She can't even find the send button let alone be responsible for delineating a dotCOM from a dotMOBI. delivers.

Could you picture this marketing strategy built around a name like this if it were up for auction? Plenty of opportunities abound on the domain names you already own. So stop waiting for new extensions to make you rich and famous. Recognize it's not about the domain, but the idea on which you build it and the value that creates.

And if you think candy as a jingle domain isn't worth more then candy as a Hershey type-in domain, consider the just launched TV Campaign for Jitterbug carries a $38 million budget all measured to sign-ups and orders online.

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