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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Men (.com), Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Kim Kardashian Ass Delivering Record Traffic

More than half of our visitors arrive from outside the US, driven here by Google— the result of searches to unlikely keywords like:

big boobs
bill gates citibank
brian wick denver co
chad bennett mike mann        
click fraud
coupon suzy breasts
creating a catchy domain name
dan brown 1960-2012
donald trump
frank schilling frager future trends     
gregg ostrick domain names
jake weinbaum           
james carville makers mark
jeff gabriel
julia roberts, commercial voice over
kevin ham 2012 
kim kardashian ass
larkin #1 chairs
larkin chair
make love not sex
marissa mayer yahoo mistake         
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merlin kaufman          
michael hazen bobbleheads
mike mann domains 2013      
monte cahn
nordstrom security breach     
popular comany logos with names
scottsville red deer
simon cowell you generation
steve jobs betrayal

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