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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PPC: Millions Lost To Cheaters

In a stinging indictment, ADWEEK exposes fraud in online adland:

"If you spend enough time in the murky world of ad exchanges, ad tech middlemen and real-time bidding software, you might come away wondering why any major brand even bothers with online advertising.

Not only are banners dull and clickthrough rates low, but all the technology flooding the industry promising perfect targeting perfection can't even deliver real human audiences much of the time.

Indeed, while the Web has never been short of tricksters, scam artists and crooks, a new breed of cheat is fast becoming a plague in the exchange world: the ghost publisher. Increasingly, digital agencies and buy-side technology firms are seeing massive traffic and audience spikes from groups of Web publishers few people have ever heard of. These sites—billed as legitimate media properties—are built to look authentic on the surface, with generic, nonalarm-sounding content. But after digging deeper, it becomes evident that very little of these sites' audiences are real people. Yet big name advertisers are spending millions trying to reach engaged users on these properties.'"

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