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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rick Schwartz: "You went forward with driving a www.domain.crappy vehicle anyway."

It so happens as I was reading his post from a parking lot waiting for the dentist to open early this morning, in my face was said truck.

This teaches you all you need to know about yellow page versus Internet branding.

Yesterday companies searched for suppliers by name, having been accustomed to seeing those names on neighborhood signs, in yellow pages, in ads and on service trucks that came to surrounding houses.

Today there is less memory recall then in a physical world, so products and services are found by searching keywords not brand names.

Domain naming has become increasingly important in a crowded and fiercely competitive market. Preferred are high energy, Internet names that are the first to pop to mind or to drive a keyword search.
If you buy a name on the aftermarket you want to ensure that domains have been carefully researched to avoid trademark conflicts and customer confusion. 

That they are rich with possibilities across multiple mediums and marketing channels. That they can be purchased, leased, or licensed. Most domains should be conducive to developed graphics, known symbols that transcend borders and languages— that fit in small spaces like social media alias windows. Their "all-in-one" design is scalable to a variety of media for cost-efficient, ready to implement outdoor, print or banner ads. As fashion statements on T-shirts, caps or mugs, these logos provide an additional asset you can derive income from.

Through expert domain branding, marketers and entrepreneurs will find ways to realize the Internets true potential. Ways to develop the names into properties based on sound business concepts and marketing strategies. Ways to get on the fast track when going after a specific prospect or market. 

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PS. Today advertising multiple words on your sign only invites your customer to go the Internet seeking alternatives. If your sign and truck had but one memorable, relevant domain like— MUCH IMPROVED!

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