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Sunday, March 24, 2013

SAP Launches NASA-Style Mission Control Center at SAP (.INFO)

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Now, SAP takes inspiration from NASA to offer its customers a new, focused “mission control center” approach to supporting innovation and implementation projects.

It’s been said that the average smartphone boasts more computing power than all of NASA in 1969, when the American space agency put a man on the moon. And it’s not a stretch to say that large present-day companies have computing power that eclipses the wildest dreams of NASA engineers in the 1960s.

At the brand new Mission Control Center in Pennsylvania in the U.S. (Photo: Brian Wasson)
But while a single Apollo spacecraft had a huge team of dedicated “mission specialists” in one room focused on mission success, large-scale software deployments today often rely on a disconnected patchwork of external consultants and in-house staff to implement new software or upgrades.

Although technology has improved far beyond what those rocket scientists had access to, at least one NASA idea has served as inspiration for a very modern concept being implemented by SAP today: the development of a “control center” approach designed to help SAP customers with premium support partnerships get the most out of their SAP investments.

Tight customer integration is key
The concept is simple yet powerful: bring together SAP experts and a customer’s various team members in high-tech, purpose-built control centers to help customers quickly and easily deploy SAP innovations such as SAP HANA, mobile solutions, and cloud solutions.

“Businesses need to innovate constantly to compete globally,” says Dr. Uwe Hommel, executive vice president and head of Active Global Support for SAP. “We see a much higher ‘need for speed’ when dealing with implementation issues today. Tighter customer integration is the best way to increase speed and the quality of results.”

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