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Monday, March 11, 2013

Six-Figure NDA Harrys (.com) Sale Names Razor

Says Michael Cyger introducing this week's program featuring my Pal Lucas Webster on the Art of Shaving (.com), "Procter & Gamble bought Gillette in 2005 for $57 billion, who sells replacement razor blades for more than $2 each but cost only 9 cents to produce."

Lucas wasn't the only one to notice.

Warby Parker, the e-seller of cheap eyeglasses and shades that we covered HERE (in a post titled "How The Next Zappos Got Its Odd Name"), exploded from a fledgling startup a popular consumer brand with millions of dollars in venture funding. With that experience under his belt, co-founder Jeff Raider is turning his focus to the launch of a new consumer brand aimed at the hipster set.

Later this week, Mr. Raider -- who is partnering with Andy Katz-Mayfield, a former NBA marketer and consultant at Bain -- is officially launching Harry's, a web-based venture that hawks all manner of shaving supplies, such as shave cream, razor handles, blades, and shaving kits. It's a space that seems suddenly attractive to startups, particularly in the subscription commerce space, where Harry's is entering the fray amid more established players such as Dollar Shave Club, Get Fresh Kit and ScrubBox.

What could help propel this one forward is the help of a popular agency that works with big brands. Harry's has hired indie shop Droga5, whose roster of clients includes Spotify, Coca-Cola, Newcastle, Kraft and Puma.

So why the name Harry's? One hint lies in the name of the initial set of products noted on the site. They are nods to the famous Harrys of our time, as evidenced by its "Truman Handle" and the "Winston Shave Set", which pay homage to the president and famed jeweler, respectively.

The Shave Club investors acquired from Harry's Adventure Outfitters of New Jersey who had owned it for several years, prior to a series of domain investors since 1996.

Source and more @AdAge

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