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Monday, March 18, 2013

"Speculators who register and resell names call themselves “domainers”:

Randazza said, “Is there something sleazy about buying the name of a hurricane in the hope that it will become a natural disaster thus making your domain name worth something in the future? Yup, but there’s nothing illegal or irregular about it.”

Andrew Allemann, Mark Randazza and Andrew Rosner featured in a article that helps clarify cybersquatters from Investors but you then have the other guys who buy disaster names and impersonate a relief agency.

Said the article "When hurricane season begins in June, the first tropical system to swirl in the Atlantic will be named Andrea, followed by Barry and Chantal.

The list of 2013 storm monikers is a hot topic online even though it’s only March. Internet speculators are registering domain names for future hurricanes, anticipating heavy traffic and potential profits if one makes history like Sandy.

The domain, is already taken. In fact, multiple domain names have been registered for each 2013 storm, from Andrea through Wendy."


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