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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Smart Money Is On This: Specialty Marketing 800-555-Numbers with Identical Domain Names

Specialty Marketing 800-555-Numbers with Identical Domain Names Now Available for Acquisition

Twenty 800-555-Numbers that spell memorable business-specialty "phonewords" are offered by 800 555 Biz with acquisition of their matching telephone/Internet domain names, aka, Teledotcoms. The numbers have not been activated for service on any telecom network from their December 15, 1994, assignment.

The right vanity number can add value to your brand and can be displayed on commercial vehicles and billboards and can be used throughout your marketing materials (it's the perfect companion to the right domain name!). Owning a vanity number, such as 1 855-Tickets, makes it easy for people to identify your business with specific products or services. A relevant, easy to remember number also provides: 
● Strong brand recognition 
● An identifiable marketing tool 
● A built-in competitive advantage 
● A valuable portal to drive customers to your business.

C800 555 Biz announces liquidation of twenty specialty-branded 800-555-Numbers due to the owner’s eighty-year age and incurable cancer. Each toll-free number is acquired with its registered telephone/Internet Teledotcom domain; dialable by traditional phone, smartphone, social media and on the web.

A super-successful 800-555-Number example is 800-555-TREE used in LendingTree ads. According to, "Since inception, LendingTree has facilitated more than 30 million loan requests and $214 billion in closed loan transactions."

Among the instant-identity specialty 800-555-Numbers offered with identical .com Internet domains are:

800-555-A-LOAN (800-555-2562) with (for personal or home loan services)
800-555-FAXBACK (800-555-3292) with (for document request systems)
800-555-FAXIT (800-555-3294) with (for signature-copy required transactions)
800-555-FAXYES (800-555-3299) with (for submitting acceptance of offers)
800-555-DEMO (800-555-3366) with (for product or service demonstration)
800-555-DISK (800-555-3475) with (for computer disk drive sales or services)
800-555-FLOWERS (800-555-3569) with (for flower order/delivery services)
800-555-4HOUSE (800-555-4468) with (for house sales or rental services)
800-555-LINER (800-555-5463) with (for pickup truck liner sales or services)
800-555-MATE (800-555-6273) with (for mate-matching or dating services)
800-555-MOTOR (800-555-6686) with (for motor repair, sales or services)
800-555-ONTV (800-555-6688) with (for TV advertised products or services)
800-555-PAWN (800-555-7296) with (for national or regional pawn shops)
800-555-TECH (800-555-8324) with (for technical expertise, advice or services)

To bid on an 800-555-Number Internet domain, email: calanl (at)

About 800 555 Biz owner, C. Alan Lewis:
As co-author of June 4, 1996 U.S. Patent 5,524,142 on telephone circuits for activation of the 555-Number Group (seen in cartoons, movies and TV), 800 555 Biz owner, C. Alan Lewis, was available to be the original assignee of several dozen 800-555-Numbers on their December 15, 1994, opening day. As a result of monopoly telecom blocking of 555-Number access to U.S. telecommunications networks over the sixteen-year patent lifetime, Lewis is now liquidating his 800-555-Number/Words for traditional phone, smartphone, social media and Internet use.


C. Alan Lewis
DBA 800 555 Biz
555 Freeman Road #103
Central Point, OR 97502
calanl (at)

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