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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trademark Truncation Still Rules as #1 End User Buying Value— European Brands Sweeping Up Matching .coms

As promised, we reviewed the 24 month scoreboard from Domain Name Sales, looking for the first sign of intelligent life— REAL end users with a REAL application bringing wealth and success in the REAL world.

We have said that the number one end user motivation to buy an aftermarket domain is to brand something new or to fix a brand that's broken. Truncation and Global presence now take spots 2 and 3.

 While strong benchmarks for past insider trading sales propped up by once proud parking incomes, Traffic and Estibot scores have no consequence to end users when applying value factors into their offers.

And consistent with the findings of Accidental Domainer investigated other recent end user sales reported by, we find a rash of sales made to foreign  brands holding cctlds, finally realizing that they need to .com of their brand for a global marketplace and to end traffic leakage.

This reaffirms dotCOM's position as the gold standard and only severs to strengthen its value with regard to the hundreds of forthcoming new TLDs. Brands may need them, but to succeed they need the dotCOm more.
Truncation” is not a fancy term I invented it’s a best-practice of the branding industry. If you want to sell end-users you need to speak their language which is not or 7 characters but…..
like 4 wheeler or sedan- it’s a truncated trademark in “trade lingo” example:
Posted in Branding, Counterfeits, Famous Marks, Truncation
–Susan Perera, Attorney
Over a year ago, Steve and I authored a piece in the Minnesota Business Journal discussing two-faced brands, these are brands that use both a formal trademark and a less formal, often truncated, trademark.
Since then we have seen many brands move away from their historical trademark uses towards shorter truncated trademarks (just see the “Truncation” section of the blog in the topics bar to the left).”
A lot of info in this bog which includes special needs for Chinese Luxury Products Market right in line with what you pointed out above
How much more proof do you need than Airline paying $770K to Marchex simply to step up to
Here are selected end user sales we find interesting on this "truncation" front. As you can see highlighted below the highest sales are TRUNCATION-motivated.  $10-20K (FS) (Chinese IDN) - 2011-11-15 1500 (Truncate WordP Blog)
Artistic Media Productions, which uses the web address, bought the shorter domain for $1,200  $10-20k (Truncate: The Eye Bags)Technology Deployment Company, which uses for its domain, bought for $1,125. ($35K) truncates from the .de
Smith Transport in Pennsylvania bought for $1,395, a shorter version of its web address $25k (truncate
Pet Shopping Today LLC bought an abbreviation version of its name, for $1,488. $5-10k (Trincate $5-10k (truncation for (Donna ($3-5K) (Truncation (Donna ($3-5K) (Truncation $10-20K (Globalize/Truncate  $5-10k (Truncate WorldShip1) (truncate to NL) $68K (Truncate: The Torc Tool Company) for $127,400
Heineken bought the brewer of Sol and Dos Equis beers, among others, in 2010 for many billions of dollars, and then got the matching domain in 2012. Yes, they also own Alexa rank near 900,000.
Per, this was an upgrade from $11K (redirect to for $31,150
Nice upgrade from They’re the operator of five UK race circuits, among other ventures. They’re still operating specialty sites, such as for $58,500
An upgrade from “Neomobile is a global Mobile Commerce Group at the forefront of the new mobile ecosystem.” Mobile payments, and mobile entertainment.
10 (tie). for $10,000
The owner of the .de secured their .com. A real estate company based in Berlin. for $180,000
They were able to drop not one, but two words with this upgrade from According to their Crunchbase profile, they raised $27 million in funding in March 2012, then helped their PR strategy by bringing on model/actress Jessica Alba as a founder in August. for $95,000
Nice Fortune 500 (139) buyer: Unilever. Flora is their brand name for “the healthy alternative to butter, lard and hard margarine which are all high in saturated fats“. Apparently they’ve pissed off Google, as they don’t show up for me in the top 5 pages of organic results for the simple search for ‘flora’.
7. for $40,000
Owned by “Kaplan, Haci Dervis” per Whois, they have a for-sale lander up, shown below. A quick search shows the following sites developed…’s probably just a matter of time until sells once and for all. (AVM Industries)
and many more…
7. for $35,000
Upgrade from, which is where the .com is currently redirected.
To stem traffic leakage, it was worth $12,500 to the owners of to step up to
French radio station SNCF steps up from .fr redirect to .com $10-20K
At $20-50 it was well worth it for  Werbeagentur to add .com to its roster of cctlds 
From to redirect to for $10,000 to redirect to for $10,000

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