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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WebFest Global Was Great. But, Now Get Ready For Braden Pollock and Morgan Linton FEST!

Hundreds gathered in Los Angeles, February 4th – 6th for’s evolution of DomainFest; WebFest Global. Domainers now face a dilemma though. Where do they go now in order to advance the discussions of increasing the value of their domain portfolios? The answer is LeadsCon Las Vegas. Now celebrating its sixth year of showcasing the top companies, strategies, and technologies across vertical media, marketing, and customer acquisition.

In many ways, LeadsCon began with a domain dilemma. What is the best way to monetize a premium domain? Lead generation is not necessarily “the” answer, but it provided a lightweight option to earn more money off higher intent names. The hope of LeadsCon Las Vegas 2013 is to help bridge the gap between domainers and lead gen professionals and vice versa.

New for LeadsCon Las Vegas 2013, LeadsCon offers a spotlight on mobile lead generation firms on the value of working with domainers, and a 90 minute crash course on lead generation, put together with the domain community in mind. Over two days, attendees have 20+ hours of content from which to choose. An exhibit hall filled with more than 160 companies, and a VIP afterparty with a special guest host. Hint: You may need your entourage.  

Many domainers have expressed frustration at other marketing companies’ inability to appreciate the assets domainers bring to the table. That is a key discussion point taking place at a session lead by Braden Pollock, titled, “Domainers: The Untapped Traffic Source?” The session also features Frans Van Hulle, the CEO and Co-Founder of ReviMedia, Morgan Linton of Linton Investments, and Chad French, the President & Founder of Peerfly.

“Domainers: The Untapped Traffic Source,” unites two domain industry experts Braden Pollock and Morgan Linton, the former of whom also runs the largest legal lead gen business around DUI attorneys. Frans Van Hulle is a lead gen industry veteran who has become an avid domainer, picking up and developing some marquee properties. Chad French comes from a performance marketing background, but his company has started to focus on performance-based marketing approaches to domain name monetization.

In addition to the “Domainers: The Untapped Traffic Source,” there are two additional workshops with high relevance to domainers. The first is Lead Gen 101, and the second is a start-up’s guide to understanding lead generation.

Domain and lead gen expert, Braden Pollock will also be a panelist on Legal Leads: Understanding the Growing World of Attorney Marketing. For those of you interested in seeing a familiar face or for those interested in getting into legal lead gen, you may want to attend this panel.

By the end of LeadsCon, domainers will feel they understand the world of lead generation, will have clarity in regards to what names work with lead generation, and with whom they might want to work. Simlarly, LeadsCon attendees will have a newfound appreciation for the last great source of traffic, and if they are lucky some great new partners with whom to make money. That would be you, but only if you get yourself to LeadsCon.

Looking for more? Here are 350 hundred more reasons more why you should go. That’s how much less you get to pay for your all-inclusive pass. But, hurry. Ticket sales end this Friday, March 15th. Register now.

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