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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wells Fargo Typo Victim Lost His Condo and then His Life in Court

Wells Fargo said Larry Delassus of Hermosa Beach, California, didn’t repay the bank for two years worth of property taxes they paid for him, so it had no choice but to double his mortgage payment to recoup the lost funds.

Delassus didn’t pay that either, so they took his condo, but not before he found out that his legal problems were the result of a Wells Fargo typo that incorrectly identified him as a scofflaw. Wells Fargo had the wrong address and the wrong man. The bank acknowledged its mistake, but stood by its decision. So Delassus—old, sick and on a fixed income—went to court.

And that’s where he died of cardiac arrest in December…in the courtroom, slumped over at a table with his attorney, the day after the judge indicated she was going to side with Wells Fargo in Delassus’ negligence and discrimination lawsuit.   More Via

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