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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Merlin Kauffman Domains Brand Style Magazine, Tire Store and APP Among End User Activations of Names Sold By Others

End users have already activated April purchases. Once parked pages beam with creativity and REAL business. 

Would Estibot have gotten any of these right? 

Would you have connected these names if you owned them to land where they did? 

What can we learn from all this?

A Merlin Kauffman Branded Business

A Merlin Kauffman Branded Business

A Merlin Kauffman Branded Business

A Mike Berkens Branded Business $10-20K

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Redirect from Note Cosmetic Brands Are Hot Sellers at DNS

Redirect From Impressive Mike Berkens $20-50K Sale Do You Know What Business They Are In? 
Like The Character From The Future Wears on Continuum  --$23K Sale

$23K for Motion Picture Stock Agency


iMedia Coverage of Merck Shingles Domain Buy Gives INFO Left of the Dot COM a Huge Bump

Pharmaceutical companies marketing new drugs often face a unique problem—product names that have more consonants than an episode of Sesame Street. Many of these drug names are hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. For many companies this isn’t a problem until it comes to setting up a website to direct customers to for more information. If the average customer can’t say or spell your product, then finding it on the web could be impossible.
That’s why some innovative marketers have found a different approach—identifying and establishing a common, general website domain that focuses on what the consumer is looking for.
A recent example of this is Instead of sending customers to Merck’s massive corporate site, or asking them to try and remember the name of their shingles vaccine, Zostavax, the marketers behind the drug found the perfect domain name. Broadcast and print ads can now point people to the simple and easy-to-remember domain, a site that shares information on the disease without explicitly stating that it is a website sponsored by Merck. Drug information is not pushed on the consumer; it’s more of a resource for people to learn more about the disease. Eventually, when a consumer decides to “take the next step,” it leads to for specific drug information.
As well as being easy to remember, the domain is easy to find. In fact, domain names such as have the added benefit of not needing a great deal of search engine optimization (SEO) to be successful. Even if a consumer hasn’t seen the commercial and was simply looking for “Shingles information,” Googling that term brings Merck’s site as the second search result. Pairing a relevant domain like this with quality site content guarantees that it will be found by its intended audience.
OF: A competitor, Novartis (who thunk dat one up?), owns but "chickens" out redirecting to corporate lander. I suspect SIRI will take a lot of patients to which they may well be if their skin looks like the website depicts it. (lighten up, a little humor never hurts brighten a terminal issue).


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