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Thursday, April 11, 2013

11 Days Into April, The Registers Are Ringing At Domain Name Sales:;;

Flashback: Frank Schilling Gems November 2007:

This November as all Novembers Frank heads to Pappagallo for some Turkey unaware that six years later he'd be replacing Yahoo as a PPC provider and selling this many domain names in ten days time.

In a 2007 post, Frank got right to the point that November is not just about Turkey, but online it's about BIG CHEESE. He writes:

"The window between September and March is when "things happen" on the Internet.. The week after US Thanksgiving is one of the busiest for online retailers. This year will be no different, except maybe a little bigger than last year.. every year seems to be bigger than the last. 
Quote: "According to the report, 84% of consumers will use the Internet to make purchases this holiday season, and most will begin shopping in October. The October shopping will be browsing, for the most part, as users try to find the best online deals. 
Most purchases will begin in November."
I can see the day when I hold my traffic out to auction during those peak period days.. Hold the traffic back from syndication networks and sell to the highest bidder in order to share in the retailer’s horn-of-plenty. 
This fall will be especially telling for Yahoo, as they’ll find out if all the changes surrounding their Panama system were worth it. I suspect it will stabilize and revenues will increase .. If not, I think Yahoo will probably try to merge, get bought or acquire something to enhance their paid-search marketplace." 

Fun to look back as we move forward! Gratitude is no longer a November tradition in the Caymans!

SOLD so far April, 2013     $15k  $3-5K  $3900K $20-50k (Berkens) $10-20K     $23K USD     $10-20k $5-10K (to Mr. Dresselhaus)     $4K  $5K     $3-5k $10-20K     $10-20k  $5-10K
FreshStart.Net $4K $24K (Bought at It Now!)     $10-20k     $4k     $50-100k  $10-20K (Schaffer- LEASE) $5k (Schaffer) $5-10K       $10-20k $7K $3900  $5-10K $20-50K  (Berkens) $20-50

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