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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Post of Mine From Rick's Board in 2000: A Decade Of Progress or Waste

A Decade Of Progress or Waste... where are we at since I posted this?

Not all of us who have lost domains to FRAUD OR HIJACKING may ever see them back. But the guy who lost SEX.COM did and it teaches the world an important lesson. It’s the same lesson Rick has been preaching since 1996 about “TYPE-INS” and the valuation of domains.

It proves why online branding requires a different approach and skills than traditional brick and mortar methods. 

If you think about it some of the best known brands like sex and tits have never need the services of an ad or branding agency to help sell them. Could the same be true of books and other search-driven terms when it comes to selling online?

 I don’t know if you can accept the Reuters figure that gets 25 MILLION "TYPE-INS" PER DAY. But you can accept that what makes one domain valuable where another is not, lies in the extraordinary amount of type-in traffic it can harvest. By "TYPE-IN" traffic I am referring to the 21st century version OF "LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING" where most people looking for a product or service will bypass search engines and type that keyword search term into their browser and add a dot com. 

Companies are just waking up to this. For example Barnes & Noble bought "" and forwarded it to their More people are apt to 'type-in" books than Barnes and Noble. If you own a domain that generates this kind of traffic, you don't need to create any content, or open any business under it. YOU SIMPLY FORWARD ITS TRAFFIC TO ANOTHER SUPPLIER'S WEBSITE AND THEY PAY YOU A COMMISSION ON SALES. 

Such has been the "adult" model that has proven to be one of the MOST PROFITABLE business models on the web. But one of the reasons the model works so well for adult, is that its content and inventory IS DIGITALLY DRIVEN and delivered from a sophisticated and interconnected virtual distribution system. It runs itself without people, real estate, other physical assets or bookkeeping. 

Translating this same model to other categories on the web has not been easy. For most things you can get within a mile of your house, say toothpaste or kitty litter; the web adds time and inconvenience as well as unnecessary shipping charges. But for specialized items such as "sheet music" following this "adult" business model does make sense, since sheet music CAN BE DIGITALLY DELIVERED, printed out on the recipients printer without postage or stocking costs, and the royalties  divided through ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS AND TRANSFERS. Did you know that an estimated 100,000 plus people a day type-in sheetmusic. com and this category has more potential than Amazon the way Amazon is structured now? Its because in a highly streamlined… well managed… virtual store that makes the most of available technologies, 90% OF THE REVENUE FROM A DIGITALLY DELIVERED PRODUCT GOES STRAIGHT TO THE BOTTOM LINE. 

Someone has already beaten us to, but they don’t have the insight we do from this board to know what to do with it. If I had $100,000 to spend on domains, I’d rather use it to buy a domain name like from its existing owner, than have to renew 1000s of less valuable domains NOT CAPABLE OF GENERATING INCOME NOW. 

For example, with all the talk about movies on demand, and books on demand, there’s no system yet in place to deliver and account for the royalties on them. And we’re looking at years until the public could be in a position to accept delivery until they upgrade their equipment. LOW BANDWITH SHEET MUSIC IS AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL ON DEMAND DELIVERY NOW. But registering “” is not the way to IGNITE the business with the SPARK of traffic that “” could. Connect that domain to a supplier with content and product and you CAN repeat the adult formula. EVEN MORE PROFITABLY!!

There are many other’s out there for the taking. But like sheet music, they are highly targeted very specialized products and markets. It takes time, thought, research and creativity to find them. It’s not a matter of hearing chads on TV and registering They are the less thought of search terms you’ll find at unexpected times in unlikely places.

Happy hunting!

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