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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Big Week For Domain Name Sales As End Users Bring Previously Parked Names To Life

SOLD This week (check back as I will be linking them when activated by end-user buyers): $3-5k (Kauffman) $5-10k USD (Sold to man with this surname) $20-50K  (Berkens)  $20k $5-10k USD $20-50k USD    $20-50K $5-10k USD $5-10 (Kauffman)  $3-5 $50-100k USD  (Berkens) $10EUR
Smartsuit $50-100K (Schaffer) (Schaffer)

Sold April 2013 to date     $15k $20-50k (Berkens redirect to
CheckView.Com $10-20K $3-5k USD (Kauffman)     $23K USD     $10-20k     $4K  ()fredirects to RXSZend.comPO $5-10K (to Mr. Dresselhaus)  $5K (redirect     $3-5k $10-20K     $10-20k  $5-10K $24K (Bought at It Now!) $20-50K  (Berkens)  $20k USD     $10-20k     $4k     $50-100k $5-10k USD  $10-20K (Schaffer- LEASE) $20-50k USD (Schaffer)    $20-50K $5-10       $10-20k (redirect R-C.PL) (Kauffman)  $3-5 $50-100k USD  (Berkens) $10EUR
Smarsuit $50-100K (Schaffer) $7K (Schaffer $3900 $20-50K  (Berkens) $20-50

In addition as part of a private NDA deal which included consulting, outside of the DNS platform, I sold this package of names to my agency client which I've written a case study on before. They were all hand regs including the ceo's own name, Mitch Weiner, which is going to name his blog.  Amazing such a common name like Weiner would be available to hand reg Jeff Weiner is CEO of LinkedIN), but it also shows what opportunities are out there when you buy for needs and clients as opposed to blindly speculate on names that sound cool or good to you.




FORGOTTENDEMOGRAPHIC.COM names the book Mitch is writing about his love and care and transformation of hirring, training, motivating and retaining the hourly worker. Thanks Mitch, and good luck! will be the blog for another business Mitch runs with his wife Stephanie, The next time Morgan or anyone reading his wants to Experience Napa unlike ever before, give them a call, mention my name and they will set you up in grand style.

I have several other names I registered on spec for this project that weren't needed which evolve around the terms, a great call-to-action for any printer, ink or paper company with a "GREEN" footprint. MItch's company is a GREEN company and it's founder is Steve Forrest, so they had double meaning in this case but only one was selected. and others like it can be acquired inexpensively HERE

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