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Friday, April 05, 2013

Best Tweets This Week: gtlds, Social Media, Apple Stock, iRing, iTV, Domain Name Sales, ALU on the Rise

60-inch Apple iTV, iRing to launch this year

Is this iTV and iRing: Forbes 60-inch Apple iTV, iRing to launch this year

  1. dot Brand or dot What? Consumers Unaware of New TLDs, Including .Google, .Microsoft and .Nike via
  2. Social Marketing Drives a New York Renaissance
  3. E-Commerce Companies Bypass the Middlemen
  4. The Frager Factor: Scandal In Domain Land: CNN Exposes 1000 Sandy Scam Domains
  5. The Frager Factor: Prime Time Tables (.com)

  6. "Killing your Startup by Listening to Customers"
  7. Ex-Microsoft COO: Has Apple Lost Its Vision? - Forbes
  8. The Broken Link Finder | Citation Labs

  9. Ari Emanuel Didn't Appreciate Brian Williams' Nosey Questions

  10. Banks Still Too-Big-To-Fail: Six Things The Fed Must Do: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thi...

  11. 'Apple exec says music labels, Hollywood, 'old fashioned' on copyright' - The Register:

  12. Indonesia's Protected Rainforests Disappearing via

  13. Federal court backs AP & NY Times, says Norway’s Meltwater illegally “scraped” news without paying for it -

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