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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Domain Name Sales Turns March Madness Into Insane Success. We have RESULTS & A Word On Domain Value From Mr. Schilling Himself

“In fact, we are now at the point in the domain business where traffic sales are a sideshow to the deals which happen for the names themselves.

Smartest observation ever expressed.

From my archives:  (August 2010)

What's A Name Worth? Frank Schilling and Jeff Kupietzky Agree

Recently Frank Schilling wrote a blog post and Jeff Kupietzky delivered a strong keynote on 5 myths about the domain industry and shared his thoughts for why these myths should actually be looked upon as opportunities for an industry that has the knowledge, technology and drive to win. The point is that once you strip away all the talk about PPC and monetization (which is a means to end), what you have left is the value of the name itself as a brand and as a memorable component in an advertising campaign. Ironically while Jeff was speaking, across the street I snapped one of those "picture is worth a thousand word" photos that drives home the point.

And now the final scoreboard for DNS March Success. 

Best buy of the month at just $5-10K. Hot news topic as honey bees are dying off faster then ever. “Up to 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of the nation’s fruits and vegetables have been wiped out over the last year, commercial beekeepers told Michael Wines of The New York Times.

This means that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) — which first surfaced in 2005 when annual honeybee losses jumped from 5 to 10 percent to 30 percent — is decimating populations at an unprecedented rate…

… Since their introduction by biotech giants Bayer and Monsanto in the 1990s, neonicotinoids are used to treated 94 percent of all corn seeds in the U.S. The problem is that the pesticide permeates corn plants and manifests in the pollen, nectar, and water bees rely on as a key protein source.”

HERE are YOUR RESULTS. As always check tomorrow for more accurate information and pricing.    $3-5K  (Truncation Jefferson Acker Ad Agency $17,500 $25,000 $10K (Kauffman)      $10k USD $3-5K (Schaffer) $5-10k USD $10K $17K 30K  (redirect              $20-50k $5-10K  $55k at $11,000 $8,500  (Schaffer)  $5-10K     $5-10k USD    $5-10K $3-5K     $17k USD $3-5k USD $30K    $5-10K $10-20K $5k USD  (Sharma)  $17,500 (JR Mats)  $5-10K $4,500 $3-5K $5-10K $3,500 (Kauffman) $5K $3-5K $8,500  (to Naples Realty)     $5-10K $22K USD  (Schaffer )     $5-10k  $5-10K (Disney Condos) $10K (Schaffer)  $5,500 $3K  (Blue Earth Nutrition)  $15K $3-5K $50K (Schaffer) (redirect PHPS.KR) $3%K $75K $9K $10K (to Corporation Service Co) (Kauffman) (Kauffman)  $29K  (Samsung Call-to-Action) $4,999 $15K (Domain Advisors) $60K $12K $9,500  $5-10K $12K $38K    $6k $10,600 $5-10k $5-10K at $10,000 $5-10K    $4K     $5-10k 
Ogilvy (wines of Chile) $17K USD  (Corporation Service Co) $10-20K (Ferber)  $3-5K  NDA $20-50K (Chad Folk) $22oo $10K $10-20K
Why Build A Brand When $15K Buys You One? $15K (Schaffer) $5-10k USD $20-50k USD    $20-50k     $10-20k (Schaffer) $3-5K  $3-5K

For the last 24 months sales with links to the end users who have activated them, GO HERE

Note: NetMen.Net redirect to PHPS.KR, and Bangkok Life Assurance redirect to reaffirms the push for cctlds to acquire matching dotCOMS- a common trend you will find among hundreds of dns sales closed. i.e. Foreign end users SIMPLY want the exact match dotCOM of their CCTLD- they could care less about TRAFFIC and Estibot-type valuations. It's value you can't put a price on- license and welcome mat to do GLOBAL business! So careful of committing to "buy it now" pricing until you research your inventory for cctld match (suggest a new feature build for this to FS)

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