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Saturday, April 13, 2013

==> How To Sell When Nobody's Buying

Declassified for public consumption from Frager VIP October 10, 2012

Today some great advice from @TheCopyStop:

Tip: When hiring a copywriter, don't worry whether they have experience selling x or y, just make sure they know how to SELL!

I just fell for one of my own tricks. I opened an email that had a subject line "Important. Read This" - See? It works like a charm!

Tip: Put a PS on every letter you write. People go right to the signature to see who sent it, so the PS can act like a headline.

TIP: When writing about what you can do for somebody, don't waste your time tooting your own horn. Remember to answer "WIIFM?"

Tip: In any relationship, personal or professional, it's not how good you promise to be, it's how good you've been.

Got a good quote from a client today - "You can't educate the uneducatable". 

TIP: When working on copy for both print and online, write it for print first so you don't have to worry about making it fit later.

Reminds me of my last company... "Consulting: If you're not part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem"

Tip: When you're launching a business, don't cut corners in marketing. Once your business is is a hit, then TEST your way to savings.

Had an envelope webinar yesterday. The coolest thing I saw was a wooden mailpiece with the message "try to crumple this"- 18% response rate 

Tip: People are often more motivated by the fear of loss than the prospect of gain. Use fear in your promotions!
Tip: The 1st paragraph of any marketing communication should be short and it must answer the question "Why am I getting this letter?"

Tip: Good sales copy is written in the present tense, not future. "You get..." has much more instant gratification than "you'll get".

Tip: Testimonials are critical in your marketing message. They give your message credibility. However, make sure they don't sound 'canned'.

Tip: Regardless of marketing channel, make sure you test something (or several things) in every campaign. Testing = learning. Learning = $$!

One of the best headlines I've ever read: "Big City Car Dealers Are Closing Their Doors Because Everyone Is Lining Up At Ours!" Max Motors

Tip: When writing a direct response piece with a phone number in the CTA, ALWAYS dial the number to make sure you've got the right one!!

TIP: Try "honest" copy. Amex sent a rate increase ltr stating "like all companies large and small, we're feeling the effects of the economy"

TIP: To appeal to a mass audience, use simple words in your copy. Otherwise you risk being over the heads of many readers (unfortunately).

TIP: Don't write stuff you know nothing about. Always get as much info from your client as possible. Saves time!

TIP: There's nothing new beneath the sun - Follow your competition closely, and when you see something you like, steal smart!

TIP: If you don't want someone to read something, don't write it.

TIP: When writing PPT presentations, brevity is king. Follow the 10/20/30 rule when possible-10 slides, 20 words, 30 pt type!

TIP: When running a small ad (less than 1/4 page), the headline should do most of the heavy lifting, followed by the CTA.
TIP: Sign in to twitter more often than every 12 days.

Tip: Don't blend. Whether web, direct mail or print, to ensure your marketing catches attention, do something different than everyone else.

Finally, he suggests: "A prerequisite of any CMO is to be on twitter."

How good is your CMO?" 

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