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Friday, April 05, 2013

How's Your Squeeze (Page)?

From Frager Factor VIP Newsletter July 2011 now declassified for public consumption:

Sales pages, squeeze pages or landing pages are extremely effective. And each needs a call-to-action domain to get folks there!

Let's go fishing! A sales page is a website which deliberately focuses on one aspect or one product/service out of your business. 

Your business most probably has a website with ten and maybe even up to one-hundred pages. When a search engine looks at your website, it will discover that your company offers many different services, and it will index your website accordingly. The search engine will see your website as a bundle of services.

Most probably your domain name also is attached to your company name instead to the service you are offering. example:

Does not say anything about their services

Does give a clear picture of what they do

Search engines will see the same thing and will index this company under scuba dive companies and not under plumbers. But with the domain the search engines have no clue where to index it. Domain Name marketing can easily be done by the webmaster, and it will improve your ratings fast, Search engines are very clever software systems and they look at all the aspects of your website; domain name, content, updated content, search engine friendly structure and many more factors.

Whats are Sales Pages?
Sales Pages are like telescopes, they pinpoint to one side of your business. Internet marketing is like fishing, you throw out some bait, and some will swim past, and some will bite. It does not matter how big your rod is, it is all about the bait.

Sales pages require three elements.
1 - pinpointed content
2 - domain name which focuses on this content
3 - option to grab prospect customer details or make the sale

The dive school Johnson & Johnson Scuba Services in Chicago, would be interested in training more Padi Open Water customers from Chicago.

General Website
For their business they have a general website with all the information of the company, the courses they offer, the equipment they are selling, a year schedule, and even a blog where customers can talk about their last dive.

But Johnson and Johnson Scuba Services is always looking for new customers. They would like to try a sales pages to attract new Open Water scuba trainees.

The sales page needs a domain name.
They could choose for or they could choose for

The last domain name would be much more effective, because their company name is totally irrelevant, however their service is relevant to the search engines.

Add some more domain names, and all forward them to your new sales page.

By now you catch the drift.

Adding more domains to your web pages will put more bait in the water, and it will be easier to catch more fish. A good company to use is as they offer domain names for almost all countries in the world and they offer domains as from $1.99 per year. Cheaper is not possible in the domain name business. They also offer excellent creative domain name services, if you are not so creative and are not willing to put in the hard work for the domain name research.

Your New Sales Page
Choose a service or product which you would like to promote. The sales page normally is only a one page design, with a header, the text to advertise your service or your product, some testimonials and an option to make the sale or grab visitor’s details to send them more information.

A sales page can be as simple as one video and one details grabber.

Build An Email List
Building an email list, which you can activate a at anytime to send people information about your products and services is a must for every company.

Emails last forever. And your website visitor might not be ready to buy today, but when you keep informing him/her you might hit him at the moment he is ready to purchase.

Sales pages are extremely effective instruments and when you are not using them yet, you are loosing out to your competition who is. Autoreponder software will help you to effectively email all your clients.

Search Engine Marketing
Use search engines to market your products. A hard sell often does not sell at all, but providing information enables you to build trust with potential customers, and when they are ready to purchase they will find you to buy. The more information you put out there, the more sales you will make. Information can be put on your website, sales pages, online articles, and blogs. If you don’t want to write information for your web system, then let someone do it for you. Some writers offer services for $5 for a complete article. Fiverr is an excellent system to buy such services.

Core Keywords
Every product or services is attached to a set of core keywords. Put in some work to find the core keywords that go with every service or product you offer. Start using these keywords in all your web systems. Again Fiverr would be an excellent place to find a SEO keyword specialist. Keyword research is really important as it will drive your internet marketing efforts faster.

Keyword Search Tool
There are plenty of keyword tools to be found but the systems used by most internet marketers is Google Keyword Search Tool and Keyword Research Tool.

What Is Sold On A Sales Page
Sometimes nothing is sold, only the attention is grabbed of the reader and when he or she fills in his name, phone number and email address, you can now approach him for as long as you want.

Sales pages are not always hard sells. Sometimes they are, but that completely depends on your product or services. Some sales pages end with a small survey, or a raffle, or a free ebook. Be creative, and you will succeed.

The Cost Of A Sales Page
A sales page should cost you not more than $100-$200 per year per sales page. Some companies have a couple of sales pages, some have thousands. Some companies have a sales page for each and every product or service they offer.

These are the five elements needed to build a successful sales page.
1 - domain name
2 - hosting
3 - graphical design and banner
4 - content
5 - autoreponder

Enjoy getting your sales pages up and running, and results will come fast.

Have a GREAT day,


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