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Monday, April 01, 2013

It's Not PPC — 

It's PCO (People Content Optimization). So what PEOPLE WANT?

From a lovely discussion in my LinkedIN CMO Group. Interesting how end users and cmos see our world. If you can get out of domainland once in a while to listen in, there's a lot more you can earn from knowledge, rather than spending another day chasing an auction with a blind sighted point of view.

Tiberiu Radutu 

SEO appeared soon after the emergence and fast growth of the Internet environment. 

SEO was born as the need to make a difference, to stand out, to gain position, to rank in the scale of importance. 

The 90's were a time of technical tricks in manipulating the communication over the Internet, between those who would ask for information and those who would own it and deliver it (seeking visitors). 

Keywords, descriptions, titles, all have driven communication towards an unnatural use of language - it appeared the crisis of nonsense content (keyword stuffed and meta-relevance, exclusively for search engines at that time). It was all for the sake of taking the front seat, the most visible seat, hoping this will bring the greatest number of "attention-eyes". 

The 2000's came with a bunch of various "animals" and a more complex algorithm meant to determine the relevancy of a particular content on websites. Social networks have emerged and started to be used as strategical means to drive interest and gain real visitors. The message was taken to crowded virtual spaces. Keywords started to loose importance, as they have been abused for years now and generated a boomerang effect. 

Now, as we speak, we're entering a new age, a time of more intense virtual-socialization, less technicality and coding-based indexing. We are now rather turning towards a very linked society, likewise medieval villages, where authorities existed and were validated by all the others. The blacksmith is well recognized for his skills and each other endorses his ability. So are the miller, the brewer, the butcher and the tailor. 

The society is so linked and the relations are so strong that authorities are formed and endorsed at anytime by the other members. So are we in the new age of Google SEO. 

A rain of backlinks, tens of keywords and meaning-mutilated phrases can not ask for endorsement anymore, as people are linked in between and they can choose. The relevancy is given by the individuals, not by algorithms. 

Why SEO has been misunderstood and still is?

Because there are yet too many those who believe SEO is that magic trick meant to boost a website, even without content, involvement, regular signs of intelligence and intelligent activity headed towards real people. 

Because too many stop their line of sight before reaching the human meaning, but merely at the technical meaning. 

People still have to get over these prejudices, enlarge the view, find the people-meaning and get down on the core of. 

It's PCO (People Content Optimization). So what PEOPLE WANT?

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