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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jamie's Back; Tips Reveal Millions of Dollars in Non-Disclosed Worldwide Media Sales

Jamie and Heather Johnson Zoch,
happy and healthy on Easter. Via Facebook.
One of the best, hardest working and most interesting of all the bloggers in this space, Jamie Zoch is back. Which prompted Adam Strong to note, "Domain blogging seems to be a sea of copycatting daily domain lists, weekly sales reports, and who bought what. Jamie always had a knack for coming up with new content."

Perhaps that's why Jamie is sharing his secrets. He writes, "Learn from those who are successful! Makes darn good sense to me and I'm sure makes sense to you. Well, here is a tip on spying on the big boys to see what they are doing."

Following his tips I did some snooping on the biggest of those big boys, Michael Berkens. Every day he is closing dozens of sales totally under the radar. Only a few he reports on a MWD Twitter feed.

Some of the sales are not too shabby like today's and for mid five-figures.

As Adam reflected "It takes a lot of work to crank out that original content." Therefore you won't see much research and reporting like this unless you do it yourself following Jamie's leads. Thanks Jamie and welcome home.

Here are some more of Mike Berkens disclosed sales from his Twitter feed:

  1. Brokered for $30,000 for a client
  2. Sold for $5K through Sedo/Godaddy Not the kind of domain you take home to mama (RIP Rick James)
  3. Leased the domain name in a deal that may (depending on options to renew) wind up in a...

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