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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mac Guy Justin Long to Replace Horrific Ashton Kutcher Performance That's Delayed "iSteve" Jobs Biopic Release

Feeling heartbroken that the release of Steve Jobs biopic "Jobs" (formerly "jOBS") has been pushedback from April 19 to a date still unknown? Here's something to tide you over: the just-released trailer for "iSteve," the forthcoming Steve Jobs movie from Funny or Die.
The full "iSteve," starring Justin Long (or JUSTiN LONG, as his name is rendered on screen), is due to be released online April 15 and to run roughly an hour. Long, of course, is the "Mac Guy" fromApple's long-running "Get a Mac" spots.
The trailer is everything you'd hope it would be: cheesy, cliched, breathless, overwrought, overheated.
April Fools from Funny or Die and AdAge.

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