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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Once Parked Thousands of Domains Beam With End User Creativity, Loyal Customers and Sales

It's the best Domain name sales education money can't buy. See  the possibilities in your domains by examining the end-user realities of Frank's.

The scoreboard is updated to include February and March Sales and now covers 10/11/12 through 3/30/13. Note Frank's sales is coming  to Samsung Galaxy— many others to make end users rich and famous in ways Estibot might never have imagined. a GREAT offline GAME for kids. Example after example should help you think outside the box of where/ how /who to sell YOUR domains to! Elliot & Jamie now as parents think differently about domains. Think as end users do not as robot appraisals tell you to. Like Elmer's Glue buying Yeah another "we get it" Or the TRUNCATION-motivated shortened to Brilliant!

Flippers would say $150K for LLLL is insane, but when Indie is the new online home of the web's Independent Film Festival, it will be bigger than Sundance and could trump YouTube

Jeff Gabriel and Frank Schilling Show Off Their Wall of Dreams Fulfilled

"At the end of the day we are selling dreams, and hope for prosperity. The majority of sales have been to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, most businesses, products or brands start with a domain and I want our brokers to capture this excitement and help them achieve their goals."

Just two years ago over a thousand names parked. Click on the linked ones to see what they've become: NDA  $3-5k $20-50k    $3-5K  $5-10k  $5-10k under $3k ($7.5K) $20-50K - 1500 under $3k - 2011-12-16 $0-3k – $10-20k $10-20K $3-5K under 3K           $10-20k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k  20-50K  (Mike Berkens Worldwide Media seller) $3-5k          $10-20K  $20-50k ($3-5K FS) (improvement over for agent Chris Watters)  (Truncation Jefferson Acker Ad Agency $17,500 $10K (Branded eBay page- great idea for domain names!) (Kauffman)
BabyStickers $3-5K (FS) under $3k - 2011-12-30 $5-10k under $3k      $10k USD $5-10k  $20-50K (FS) under $3k under $3k USD     $5-10k $30K  (Marketing Agency) - 2011-12-14 $0-3k - 2011-12-28 $0-3k - 2011-12-30 $20-50k - 1500 N/A $10-20k
Bizy.Com $40,500 (redirect to $5-10k USD – 15k  $33K (to Blackheart Clothing Company in CA)
Blowouts.Com @ $20-$50,000 $5-10k (Schaffer) $3-5K          $5-10k (FS) $50-100K (FS)  (IDN) $5,000 – 7.5k $5-10k (Redirect BookGift.PT)  $100-150k N/A $10-20k (Schaffer) 
BridgeBox $5-10K  (Donna Schaffer seller) under $3K (Donna Schaffer seller) $20-50K (FS)
Bulkid.Com (Schaffer)  (Schaffer)  $5-10k $5-10K $3-5k USD $5-10k  $3-5k (bought by .Net owner) - 2011-12-12 $0-3k $5-10k (Trincate - 2011-12-23 $0-3k - 2011-12-08 $0-3k $3-5k  $3-5k ($35K) for $35k 
Casadelcafe.Com $3,900  (redirect to
Catalyzed.Com $3-5K $185K            $3-5k $75,000  (Schaffer) $5-10k $10-20K  $10-20K $20-50K   $10-20k - 2011-12-13 $0-3k $25K to under $ N/A - 2011-12-06 $0-3k (Donna 5-10K) – $20-50k –  $5-10k (FS) 30K  (redirect $5-10k (redirect to Stuller jewelers) (Kauffman)         $3-5k  $5-10k - 2011-12-08 $20-50k $20-50k - 2011-12-17 $5-10k $10-20k $5-10K - 2011-11-07 1500              $20-50k $5-10K  (Donna $5-10K)        $10-20k  $10-20k  $10-20k        $3-5k $8,000      $20-50k $10-20k (Schaffer) $50-100k (Schaffer 5-10K)  $55k     $5-10k $20-50k (Donna 5-10K) at $11,000 $5-10k $8,500 $65K
DeskTopThemes.Com (Schaffer) $3,500 $10-20k (Liberty Medical!)
DiamondEarings $5-10K $3-5K $10-20K  (Schaffer) $5-10k  $5-10k - 2011-11-15 1500 $10K (FS) $7K$25K  $20-50k - 2011-11-15 1500 (Truncate WordP Blog)            $3-5k - 2011-12-07 $3-5k  $5-10K $3-5k USD $5-10 - $20-50k ($16K)     $5-10k USD  $5-10k    $5-10K     
Eljefe.Com (Kauffman) under $3k USD   $5-10k $25-50K $10-20K - 1500 (Schaffer)         $10-20k  (Warren Royal) (Redirect to Eras.FR) $3-5K     $17k USD  (Schaffer) ($5-10K FS) - 2011-12-15 $0-3k $3-5k USD N/A  $10-20k (Truncate: The Eye Bags) - $10-20k $3-5k USD Feb 14, 12 DNS - 1500 $30K  $3-5K  $20-50k,  $5K - $20-50k         $20-50k  $20-50k $50-100k $8K 
FinancialRatios.Com  $5-10K - 15K - 1500 $5-10k USD $20-50K (Royal)  $5-10k - 2011-12-21 $0-3k $3-5k USD    $5-10k $10-20K  $3-5k - 2011-12-12 $10-20k - 2011-12-30 $3-5k  $10-20k - 2011-12-20 $20-50k $10-20k    $5-10K under $3k under $3k $5-10K (FS) $10-20K $5-10k 10-20K $60K $19K $5k USD  (Sharma) under $3k $20-50K (Video Edit APP)  $10-20k  (Elmers!!)  $10-20K (FS) - 2011-12-21 $0-3k $9,000 $20-50k to (  $17,500 (JR Mats)  $5-10K $4,500  $10-20K (Kauffman)      $3-5k $3-5K $5-10K $5-10K (Truncate
HotelDestination.Com. 10-20 $5K $10-20k  $100-150K $3-5K
IrondeficiencyAnemia com $8,500  (to Naples Realty) $5-10k     $5-10K $3-5k  $20-50k $10-20k - 2011-11-07 $7.5 $5-10k USD - 2011-11-17 $1500 $10-20k USD $20-50K  $5-10k

Warren Royal's Brands Unique Travel Agency $13K to $3-5K ($15K) $5-10K (FS) - 2011-12-30 $50-100k $4K (xgile national park- Chile)
Lamp.Org Kauffman) Kauffman)           $5-10k $10-20K (Kauffman)  (Schaffer )     $3-5k - 2011-12-07 $3-5k (Donna ($3-5K) (Truncation (Schaffer) - 2011-11-22 $50-100k $20-50k  (which we wrote about) - 2011-11-12 $7.5 - 2011-11-14 $1500  $100K plus $50-100K (NDA) $10-20K - 2011-11-17 $1500 $3,500 $20-50k USD     $5-10k (Schaffer) $5-10k $3-5K under $3k - 2011-12-19 $0-3k N/  $5-10  $5-10K (Disney - 2011-11-18 $20-50k $28K (redirect Abbott) - 2011-11-17 $1500 $10K (Schaffer)  $5,500  (Schaffer)  (Blue Earth $3K $5-10K $5-10K (FS) - 2011-12-19 $0-3k under $3k ($5-10K) - 2011-11-16 $01500 $20-50k $10-20K - 2011-11-28 $4           $10-20K - 2011-12-28 $10-20 $10-20K (FS) $5-10k  $10-20k $5-10K $10-20K $5-10k USD $10-20K (formerly (NDA to CIROC) (Under $3K Sai Pola, Seller)          $20-50k      $5-10k  (FS) under $3k USD  $10-20 $3-5K - 2011-11-22 $4  $10-20k $5-10k (truncation for  $5-10k
NetSecured.Net (Scahaffer) - 2011-12-26 $0-3k
Ngames.Com $50,000 (redirects to under $3k $10-20k under $3k under $3k $2,000 $20-50k -  $0-3k        $3-5k  (Marketing Agency) ($15K) ($3-5K FS)k $10-20k (Scahaffer) $5-10K under $3k $10-20k $15K - 2011-11-14 $20-50k - 2011-12-16 $3-5k (Bargain for an open MRI brand- ever had one, seen the bill?) $20-50K $3-5k ad agency formerly $10-20K (FS) $5-10K $20-50k
Pacmanworld - 2011-11-22 $0-3k under $3k $50-100K - 2011-11-11 $10-20k $5-10k under $3k $10-20K     under $3k - $5-10k $100-150k $3K (FS - 2011-12-21 $10-20k$3-5k $20-50k - 2011-12-21 $5-10k $5-10K (FS)          $10-20k $5-10K N/A $3-5K $50-100K (forwards to $8K $50-100k USD     $5-10k USD $5-10K $5-10k $20-50k $5-10K - $10-20k $10-20K          $10-20k Kimberly-Clark - 2011-11-17 $0-3k $20-50k $10-20k under $3k $50-100k $20-50K $10-20k N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS     $10-20k  $10-20k - 2011-11-30 $0-3k $50-100 - 2011-11-29 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $50-100k $15K $20-50k - 2011-11-25 $5-10k - 2011-11-01 $0-3k - 2011-11-08 $0-3k $10-20K
Remotecarstarters.Com  $5-10K (Schaffer) $10-20k $80K (Alan Hack) - 2011-11-30 $0-3k $3-5K  $20-50K $3-5K
RoadOne 25k    $5-10k $11K (redirect to  $3-5K - 2011-12-29 $10-20k $10-20K $22K ($5K Schaffer) $60K - 2011-11-08 $0-3k - $20-50k $5-10 - 2011-11-18 $10-20k $8,000  $3-5k $41K (sold to a wig maker) (Schaffer) $10-20K  $10-20k  ($3K) $3-5K - 2011-11-03 $0-3k $8K           $10-20k $10-20K $5-10K N/A (Cosmetics) $3-5k $5-10k  $20-50k $10-20K  (Chad Wright) - $50-100k  $50-100k
SkiHomes.Com @ $20-$50,000 $10K 
SkirtsForBoys - 2011-11-15 $0-3k under $3k        $5-10k $50-100K $3-5K (Schaffer)  $5-10k     under $3k - $0-3k -  $0-3k $20-50k $5-10k$15k US - 2011-11-07 $0-3k under $3k $5-10K  $6.5k USD ($16K)  $5-10k - 2011-11-29 $0-3k $20-50k    $5-10k (10-20K) - 2011-11-15 $0-3k  $20-50K - 2011-12-07 $0-3k N/A Feb 1, 12 DNS $20-50k - 2011-11-23 $10-20k - 2011-11-15 $5-10k $5-10 $10-20K (Globalize/Truncate - 2011-11-29 $20-50k $5,000 $5-10K $40,500  $3-5k      $5-10k - 2011-12-09 $0-3k    $5-10k $10-20K $50-100K $5-10K       $5-10k under $3k 10-20K  $5-10K (FS) $10-20K (Ferber) $68K (Truncate: The Torc Tool Company)  $3-5K N/A $20-50K (Borck) $6K $10-20k – $20-50k N/A Tax refund Accountant - 2011-11-14 $0-3k $20-50K (Chad Folk)
Traveltrailer.Com @ $50-$100,000 $20-50K (FS) $10-20K $3,500 $3-5LK $10-20K (Morinda Pharma) - 2011-11-17 $0-3k (Schaffer), a marketing agency $20K $5-10K $10-20K\ N/A - 2011-11-02 $20-50k - 2011-12-01 $50-100k $3-5K under $3k - 2011-12-01 $20-50k $3K  (APP) (Kauffman) - 2011-11-18 $10-20k (Schaffer) (Schaffer) $5-10k USD $20-50k USD $5-10K  (redirect to $3-5k - 2011-11-17 $0-3k $10-20k $50,000 $5-10k - 2011-12-14 $0-3k (truncate to NL) (Hybrid car)$10-20k (Voice Over Talent Agency) $69,000 $28,500 $10-20k USD - $50-100k  $5-10k  (Fine Ad Agency)    $20-50k  $5-10k (The WordPress of Dental Website Themes) N/A $10-20k N/A
WellPlaced.Com. $3-5k USD (Dreamwiz) $50-100k - $20-50k $5-10k - 2011-11-07 $3-5k (redirect to product-specific page within  (Dicker)     $10-20k - $0-3k  $5-10k (Truncate WorldShip1) $9,500
WwwBuyOwner.Com - 2011-12-15 $10-20k $5-10K (FS) $5-10k $3-5K $100-150K  $3-5K   $10-20k      $10-20k (Kauffman) $7K (backs up Super Bowl’s big GoDaddy bet on matching .CO) N/A  $10-20K (FS) (Chinese IDN) $10-20k

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